Star Diffusion

Star Diffusion
Новое за декабрь 2019
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《Star Diffusion》is a top-down view horror shooting game. Reynold , the Galaxy Patrol returns to Xeno Planet after a routine task. He finds out that everything has changed on the artificial planet. The residents are disappeared and weird creatures are everywhere. Escape this dangerous place is not an option. Reynold must go forward and find his missing daughter.

〈Game Feature〉
.Rich Narrative
Explore the infected planet, find missing daughter and realized the truth of the destruction of the planet.

.Dark Horror Atmosphere
Cautiously moving forward in the dim area. Beware of the assault of the infected creatures from the darkness.

.Breathtaking Music
Music composed by Weifan Chang, the Taiwan musician. Immerse in the feast of sounds and music.

.Variety of Puzzles
Use your wisdom and perceptiveness to solve the puzzles. Experience the classic design of horror game.

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