Snake Crayon Run - Breaker or Survivor?

Snake Crayon Run - Breaker or Survivor?
Новое за август 2017
Категория: Игры, Аркады, Образ жизни Бесплатно Оценка пользователей
Collect the balls in the different rainbow colors and create snake alike lines. Move through the endless color pattern and infinite physics obstacles in Snake Crayon Run. Enjoy two game modes of pure amusement and nail-baiting challenges accompanied with hand-drawn graphics, sound effects and high score system. How long can go slither through the obstacles? Try our Rainbow LGBT inspired slither game.


All you need to do is swipe to control balls line and collect as many balls as possible to form long line of colored rainbow. The longer the line the better, since for every crash with a block of different color, you’ll lose one ball. Avoid ninja style blitz of physics obstacles and collect balls from different colors! And don’t forget to collect special balls with Rainbow power that can break any colored blocks. It will get amazingly difficult at times, but that makes Snake Crayon Run irresistibly fun.


Don’t worry, you’ll never be bored with Snake Crayon Run! There are two game modes to keep you amused and challenged at any time. How many colored blocks you can break in Breaker mode? Or how long you can survive in Survivor mode? Each mode has a different set of crayon colored pattern and obstacles for you to challenge your slithering skill to become the Top Breaker and Top Survivor.


- free endless running game
- infinite blocks pattern to break
- endless physics obstacles with ninja style blitz
- simple controls, you can master just in seconds.
- challenging and addictive gameplay
- 2 game modes: Breaker & Survivor
- Inspired by LGBT flag
- upbeat sound effects & music
- beautiful crisp HD graphics, hand-drawn style

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