Scéal: An Irish Folklore Adventure

Scéal: An Irish Folklore Adventure
Новое за апрель 2017
Категория: Игры, Приключения, Музыка 229 р. Оценка пользователей
Can you unlock Sceal's supernatural mysteries? Prepare to experience a magical storybook adventure like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Play as the lost soul of a little girl, trapped in limbo and trying to rediscover her lost past. Guided by a magical raven, use your ghostly powers to paint the world, bring the villagers to life and unlock the memories of who you once were.

9/10 - "A magnificent mini Irish folklore adventure game" - Gameskinny
77% - "Hauntingly beautiful in its simplicity" - COGconnected

Game Features:

- A unique supernatural mystery rooted in Irish folklore

- Detailed storyline with multiple endings that depend on your choices

- Explore a living, breathing world. Complete quests by helping the people you meet.

- Transform into an angel of light or a dark Banshee

- Incredible watercolour graphics bring the world to life like a living storybook. Paint the world with colour and watch building rise and fall as you pass.

- Dynamic day/night system allows you to defeat time, the ultimate enemy

- Original hauntingly melodic soundtrack from renowned folk Irish singers Lorcán Mac Mathuna, Aislinn Duffy and Florence Glen.
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