Risk Ahoy! - UK P&I Club

Risk Ahoy! - UK P&I Club
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Think you’ve got what it takes to survive a life at sea? Test your skills and powers of observation as you avoid hazards, make decisions and maintain your ship in this fast-paced, arcade experience!

Stack cargo, sort passengers, and get the pilot safely on and off the boat. Can you handle a fire onboard? Are you able to make the right decision that affects the safety of your voyage?

Progress through the ranks and unlock more games and ships, and become the very best at sea!


The UK P&I Club is one of the oldest P&I clubs in the world. It provides Protection and Indemnity insurance in respect of third party liabilities and expenses arising from owning ships or operating ships as principals.

The Club insures over 235 million tons of owned and chartered ships, about one-sixth of the world total. The Club's current S&P rating is A with a positive outlook. The ships that the UK P&I Club insures come from more than fifty countries.
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