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Take aim and blast your cannon towards all the colourful Pegs! Clear all the Pink Pegs to clear a level, but take advantage of all the quirky special objects, like Cannon, Cowboy, Trampoline, Physical Pegs and more!

Enjoy the challenge of each hand-crafted level, but don't forget to use powerups if a level feels too hard - not only do they help you out, they're awesome to use! And who knows, you might hit Lucky Reels and win some awesome prizes...

- 5 themes with 75 levels (more to come!)
- Special objects like TNT, Cannons, Cowboys, Las Vegas Pegs, Trampolines and much more!
- Powerups: Fireball, Supersize, Ball Rain
- Lucky Reels: The ultimate slot machine!
- Delicious graphics and visual effects
- Quirky music
- Achievements, Leaderboards, Haptics

We truly hope you enjoy the game, and we'd like to hear if you have any suggestions or ideas on how to improve it! Let us know on Facebook:
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