Pakapow : Friendship Never End

Pakapow : Friendship Never End
Новое за февраль 2020
Категория: Игры, Настольные, Развлечения Бесплатно Оценка пользователей
You are the hero summoned by the King. The King asks you to fight the devil that ruining the Pakapow Kingdom right now.

But you are not the only hero got summoned by the king!

You have to travel to the land of the devil and help the villagers along the way.
In the PaKaPow Kingdom, collect the weapons and gold to win the enemy. Also, fight with other heroes to be on the top of the list.
Because only one hero on the top who kill the devil, the King will give the blessing to go back to their world!

PaKaPow is an adventure board game that players walk by rolling the compass. Then you can choose the spot to stop. Every spot has its own special event. You will have fun exploring the Pakapow Kingdom and grow your hero to be the top hero in this world.
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