Nightmare 1994

Nightmare 1994
Новое за март 2019
Категория: Игры, Приключения Бесплатно Оценка пользователей
A completely free 3D viewpoint horror game that allows you to enjoy the fear of a real residential area, with concepts of a nightmare you see when you have fever experienced by anyone, when you have children.

Please open the locker to strengthen the player's status level and clear the stage.
Since the stage is a life system, when the life becomes 0, the game is over.
At the stage, skill check (QTE) occurs at a specific timing, you can enjoy playing sweaty hands.

-Full 3d of first person / third person viewpoint
-Exploration in a realistic and creepy residential area
-Another truth becomes clear when you advance the stage
-Tightness play experience with skill check system
-Various stages such as escort mission, shoot fight, mystery solving
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