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The International Space Agency is looking for Pilots. Do you have the right stuff to safely land the first colonists onto Martian soil? MARS360 is a frantic 'endless lander' where a moments lapse in concentration means your immediate demise!

Hold your device any which way, swipe to spin, tap to fire your boosters and prevent the incoming martian landers from smashing into the surface of the planet!

+ Swipe to Spin the Planet
+ Tap on the Rockets to slow their descent
+ Flick to avoid the orbiting Asteroid
+ Play in Portrait or Landscape
+ Zone out to the wicked trance beats
+ Use one hand or two
+ Pack clean underpants, you'll need them
+ Headphones recommended!

Should be easy peezy, right? WRONG! Only the hardcore need apply! Easy to learn, impossible to master, 100% arcade insanity! FREE to enjoy.

A new 'spin' on casual gaming, from the warped minds that bought you the award-winning iOS classics Gesundheit! & UFO on Tape, with music by wicked chiptunes dj Auxcide.
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