Infinity Knights: Nonstop Idle RPG

Infinity Knights: Nonstop Idle RPG
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Revive your heroes and enjoy endless level-up!
Nonstop idle RPG! Infinity Knights!

The ultimate casual RPG with endless level-up of heroes and stages!
No more difficult & complicated RPG! It's time to enjoy faster & easier idle RPG!

▶ Make your own avengers with epic heroes!
: Automatic stage battle mode with the best combination of 5 hereos!
Various choices among epic heroes of 4 different races: Human, Elf, Furry and Orc!
: Level up your heroes with Golds earned from quests! Get higher grade heroes with soulstones!
: Upgrade heroes' appearance & power at once by Hero Evolution!
: Challenge the infinite stage level-up with your heroes! How far can you get on stage?

▶ Revive your heroes and enjoy endless level-up!
: Hard to level up? Get Runestones after reincarnation and enchant heroes for faster level-up!
: Smash monsters easier with infinitely enchanted heroes!
: Everytime you revive heroes, your heroes will get stronger! Enjoy infinite level-up!

▶ +360 weapons & accessories! Craft equipment for diverse fun!
: Enchant equipment to power up your heroes!
: Compose max. enchantes equipment and earn higher grade one!
: Destroy unused equipment in return for other valuable items!

▶ Dynatic league battles in your hand! competitive PvP!
: Recruit your best heroes and fight against other players!
: Nothing lasts forever! Challenge leagues reset every week!

▶ Diverse fun things to do even for a short break time! Infinite fun for you!
: Go deeper dungeons for Runestones and Ancient Coins!
: Get more artifacts for heroes' buffs!
: Go for further adventures to find various treatures!
: Click more quests to collect as many Golds as you get!

▶ Guild wants you! Make more fun with your guild friends!
: Create or join a guild to get guild buff all together!
: Get attendance rewards everyday and chat with your guild members!

Now just tap and have fun with casual idle RPG, Infinity Knights!

※ Support
- Please send us your problem and user ID written on 'setting' menu so that we can help you faster.

※ Official community

※ Note
-Infinity Knights requires Internet connections.
-Infinity Knights is completely free to play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money.
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