Imprisoned Light

Imprisoned Light
Новое за август 2017
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No Time, you must save the kingdom from demons. Kill all monsters and Stop the Arch Demon! The Salvation of the kingdom lies in your hands.

A very powerful ancient demon attacks the kingdom and corrupts its holy light crystals. The demon imprisoned the holy guardian of the kingdom into one of the corrupted light crystals. In absence of the holy guardian, the kingdom will be opened to all attacks from its enemies. Now... The Salvation of the kingdom lies in our heroes hands.

- Pixel art graphics style 2D action-rpg platformer
- 5 Worlds to discover
- 50 Levels
- Random Level Generation (There is too little chances to play same level again)
- 5 playable characters (Unique Special Powers)
- 19 throwable weapons
- 22 different enemy types to fight
- Potions
- Power Ups

How To Play:

There is at least one Light Crystal to save in each level. To save all crystals, you have to feed them with your collected souls, which you have collected from slain enemies (you can do it by standing close the crystal and tap and hold the Crystal button). To clear a level you must save all of the crystals in the level. If there are more than one crystal in the level, when you save one of them, saved crystal will become invulnerable. Stop the monsters before they destroy the crystals.
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