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Heroes Crash

Heroes Crash
Новое за июль 2017
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Equip your mighty heroes with the strongest cards and make them become invincible! Heroes Crash is a free card game that merges features from RPG, TCG (Trading Card Game) and RTS (Real Time Strategy) games.
You can train and command a team of heroes in fast-paced combats while experiencing the thrill of casting different spells with magic cards. Join us and participate in intense 1v1 battles!

Build your own deck
-Build a customized deck using both Heroes and Magic Cards with unique skills. Upgrade each Hero and Magic Card to become stronger.

Sort your deck
-Take tactical control over your Heroes’ position and the combination of Magic Cards.
Choose the proper Magic Card to stop your enemy Heroes.

Cast Spells and see their effects
-Cast spells by simply sliding the cards on the screen. Play your cards in the correct order to cast powerful spells.

Defeat every duelist
-Duel against players in real-time and turn-based 1v1 battles where you will be matched up by strength.

Enjoy your adventure with solo-play
-Complete the campaign quests for awesome rewards. Face multiple bosses hiding in unknown dungeons for extra loot.

Easy accessibility
-Play in a simple and easy interface where everything is at your reach. Swipe your screen to navigate through the world map.

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