Dwarven Village

Dwarven Village
Новое за сентябрь 2018
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Dwarfs fortress was taken by Orcs! It's time for you dwarf leader! You must destroy the hordes of invaders, that took everything away from the dwarves. Only the anvil, the alchemist's cauldron and the farm were left in the city.
Be a blacksmith, a farmer and an alchemist to prepare everything before the fight.

Help the dwarves gain their land and reconstruct the light of the old, lively village. Hunt for dangerous creatures, collect valuable items from them and use craft skills to create equipment!

- game mode divided into a village and battleground map.
- 5 character classes with different skills (warrior, ice magician, fire magician, rogue, paladin)
- farming (plant the plants on farm and harvest)
- alchemy (combine elements to potions)
- blacksmithing (use anvil to craft your epic equipment)
- epic fight mode
- unlimited huntings
- boss-type enemies with special skills

Don't wait! The dwarves crown must come back to you!
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