Cops & Robbers Jailbreak

Cops & Robbers Jailbreak
Новое за апрель 2018
Категория: Игры, Боевики, Ролевые игры 149 р. Оценка пользователей
The bank heist is in progress. The irritating alarm isn't stopping. The signal has reached the police, they will be on the scene ASAP.The keepers of law and order have arrived, but the robbers are trying to escape and are returning fire. The bullets are flying left and right and nobody is safe!
We are now in one of the most brutal and savage jails, the prisoners decided that they need to escape, but not through a hidden passage instead they are going to use force and charge through the guards! Alcatraz has been claimed by the prisoners, some are breaking free, some are staying and guarding their new lawless home. Freedom!
They are the meanest group of criminals and bandits, selling anything that brings profits, no morals, no regrets, just the hunger for money, more and more money.
In a world like this, there are those who have their honor and are not afraid to deny bribes.
The perfect setup is in place, the bad guys are caught and the handcuffs are back where they belong!

*great for all ages
*amazing graphics
*addictive game
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