Chiz Crush

Chiz Crush
Новое за январь 2017
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New strategic defense game "Chiz Crush"

"Chiz troop" an alien force that is deeply infiltrated in Earth as CCTV
is observing city and looking out for an opportunity to invade.
When sickness, poverty, pollution, and war overwhelm the world now,
"Chiz troop" starts to show itself to conquer the Earth!
It's constructing "Chiz gate" in major cities and summoning its soldiers!
It plans to turn humans into Chiz.
Countless heroes that have been hiding themselves in daily lives!
They start to show themselves to confront the Chiz troop.

■ Gameplay that does not require network
* No more worries about data usage, or unstable network connection.
* Enjoy your game even on plane.

■ Heroes to confront Chiz troop!
* Protect cities' landmarks from Chiz troops that are trying to invade the Earth.
* Form teams of 3 heroes to attack and defend against invading Chiz troop.
* Destroy Chiz gates to earn more rewards.

■ I protect my own city! Landmark patrol!
* Dispatch heroes for patrol for the safety of landmarks.
* Earn rewards and medal from patrol to strengthen hero skills.
* Use stimulant for immediate patrol and earn rewards.

■ Draw weapon items and get stronger!
* Change team points to chips to draw weapon items.
* Weapon items have basic abilities and skills which are very powerful.
* Remember that when you change team points to chips, stage is returns.

■ Assign heroes depending on Chiz properties!
* Check Chiz's characteristics and assign the most apt hero.
* Heroes and Chiz troop have 4 kinds of properties.
* Additional damage attacks can be carried out depending on properties, so be sure to check them out beforehand.
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