Catch The Night

Catch The Night
Новое за январь 2017
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Are you quick enough to catch a shooting star?

Improve your reflexes and coordination by doing one simple thing - tap the shooting stars.

[ 3 Competitive Modes ]

You have 60 seconds to catch as many stars as you can.
The faster you tap, the more you can catch.

This chaotic gauntlet becomes increasingly difficult.
Prioritize the faster shooting stars over the slower ones.

How many 20 second rounds can you complete before you let a single star slip by?

Climb the leaderboards to compete against your friends and the rest of the world.

[ 5 Quick Tips ]

You can hit multiple stars with a single tap.

Try using different methods to tap the stars. Some people prefer using fingers, other people use their thumbs. Some use two hands, some use one. Maybe toes work best for you.

In Endless Mode, don’t go after the slow moving stars right away. Wait until a quick star goes by first.

For Timed Mode, at first you may want to take it slow and focus on lasting the full 60 seconds. From there, build up your reflexes to improve your score.

Avoid distractions, especially when playing Nights mode. Just like the other modes, if you miss a star in Nights mode, it’s game over.
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