Carrier Ops 2 - Helicopter Flight Simulator

Carrier Ops 2 - Helicopter Flight Simulator
Новое за ноябрь 2016
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Capture the world's wanted #1 terrorist !!!
Become a pilot of the Stealth Hawk helicopter and fly the famous scenario Code Name Geronimo.
Show your skill in the night rainy flights few feet above the ocean waves.
Or start from USS Nimitz carrier and explore beautiful tropical island with mountains, cities, rivers and lakes. Destroy any building and vehicle, land on military airbase to refuel or just try to return to USS Nimitz.
Beat your friends in GameCenter leaderboard!

Carrier Ops 2 is highly realistic flight simulator with real virtual cockpit, powerful mini-gun and many other Stealth Hawk details.


- GameCenter leaderboard
- realistic physics
- beautiful graphics
- friendly controls
- universal app (iPhone & iPad)
- detailed 3D virtual cockpit
- destroyable buildings and vehicles (cars, boats etc.)
- carrier USS Nimitz

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