Brask Fast

Brask Fast
Новое за октябрь 2016
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Hi there, I am Sugar, so you see my message here, which means the trouble comes again, ya, trouble always around me.

The heroes left and playing in other world now, but my cell phone rang again. Listen to me, I didn't forget anything, yet the phone call was really looking for me.

It was Cola's message, said they missed out the description on the game publish page, so they ask me to write one for them.

My brother is part of the development team, he emphasized that this is a very easy to play as it is a casual game. Surely I picked up and gave a try, but, I played and knew it is actually very difficult as hard as living in hell, it is simply super hard messy battle game! I am not fit to play this type of game, anyway, since Cola asked for it, I am OK to write one for them.

Story is nothing special, if they do not change the script for a good reason, then it is as simple as mentioned in my diary: This is a simple story about an useless resist force against the kingdom, run into the government building, kick the draconian out, done. Cola's message stressed that don't mention any of their mess, which I understand, writes in the introduction only drive off potential players.

I need to mention it, I have called my friends worked together for the game Japanese and Chinese translation, this is an agreement with Cola, she will bring back other world books and cakes for our work, I have a little expectation from it.

Let see, game information, well this game have those RPG type addictions, which are collecting items and upgradable characters, as well as attributes short, I don't understand a word. I like to play ADV type games which is similar to reading, that is a truth REAL game should be!

It is done, according to my understanding, most people only read one or two lines of the description, more than two is just a waste, so be it.

Today is September 8, overcast, feel quite and peaceful, a normal quite day is the best. The new semester begins, I will study hard for good result!
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