Bots Can Feel Too

Bots Can Feel Too
Новое за ноябрь 2017
Категория: Игры, Приключения, Семейные 149 р. Оценка пользователей
Save your bot friends from the horrors of the Recycle Bin!

Jake is an internet bot. After he had served his purpose, humans deleted him. Now, he is trapped in the Recycle Bin and has 30 hours left before he is destroyed permanently. Together with your help and the help of his new friends, Sam, Chloe, Otto, Maggy, Joy, Ziggy and Danny, he must rush through dangerous paths and fight malicious spambots to save himself and his fellow bots before the clock reaches zero. Their fate is in your hands! Survive. Together.

+ experience an EMOTIONAL and COMPELLING STORY that will make you laugh, break your heart and keep you on the edge
+ play as 8 BADASS CHARACTERS with unique abilities that you will fall in love with
+ beat 100 LEVELS of pure fun and thrill
+ immerse yourself in a MINIMALIST DESIGN that will leave you breathless
+ avoid myriad of DEADLY TRAPS that await you at every corner
+ solve 10 clever PUZZLES that will test your logic and skills
+ enjoy QUIRKY and FUNKY SOUNDTRACK that perfectly complements the story
+ choose between the TOUCH controls or a KEYBOARD

Are bots alive? Do they have rights? Can they be happy? Sad? Angry? Have values and beliefs? Are they as much interesting and complicated as humans? Find out in this emotional and thrilling story that explores love, freedom, friendship, hope, desires, loneliness, personal tragedies, the pains of growing up and humanity. Join the journey of 8 bots with different personalities who're going to have to learn how to face the problems that life puts in front of them.

Hope you survive the experience!

Made in Croatia by Dino Sić
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