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What does BIT QUAKE offer?
- Random levels selected from a pool!
- Various weapons and upgrades to unlock!
- Interactive soundtrack that gets crazier as your bonus multiplier increases!
- Boss fights!
- Innovative control scheme that feels oldschool, yet perfectly touchscreen friendly and suitable with two thumbs play!
- Survival mode!
- Various color palettes that change the look of the game completely!
- Designed for portrait orientation to provide the warm "feel" of a retro handheld console!

How to play:
Run, jump, shoot, change weapon, shoot again, jump, run, jump, shoot, run, jump, shoot, choose an upgrade, run, shoot, jump, change weapon, jump, shoot, shoot, shoot...

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING: Each robot you destroy doubles your Bonus Multiplier. Destroy another one in 2 seconds and double it again. Picking up new weapons and items also increase your multiplier. Up to 128 times.
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