Bambosher: Bring Down the Bullies

Bambosher: Bring Down the Bullies
Новое за май 2017
Категория: Игры, Боевики, Аркады Бесплатно Оценка пользователей
Bambosher is a 2D runner set in a chalkboard world. Rescue your school from bullies!

In Bambosher, Sally and her band of school bullies are out of control. As Winston, it’s up to you to put the “kibosh” on their “bambosh.” Run through the school and playground in a chalkboard world to assist fellow students. Grab coins to upgrade abilities. Avoid obstacles such as desks, skateboards, and swings – or use a spitball shooter to erase them from the board. Can you help Winston stop the bullies dead in their tracks?

Key Features:
• Run through a fascinating chalkboard world.
• Shoot spitballs to defeat bullies and eliminate hazards.
• Customize your character with awesome unlockable armor and costumes.
• Turn Winston into the school’s hero by rescuing other kids.
• Explore both interior and exterior locations.
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