Animals Wars - One Star Parody

Animals Wars - One Star Parody
Новое за декабрь 2016
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Animal Wars is a parody game, with lots of humor, funny quotes and names, and funny caricature characters.

Animal Wars is the perfect choice to spend your time, as this is the ultimate, action packed arcade game.

The idea in Animal Wars is simple, you need to kill as many galactic soldiers that come in an endless wave, and you are the only person to stop them.

The higher the score you can obtain the better the experience will be, not to mention that you can also acquire more points that can be used to unlock characters.
R Wars tests all your reflexes and it will improve them exponentially, even if it’s a single tap game!

The gameplay here is very fast and the experience is truly immersive, so if you want to reach the top of the leaderboards you will need to use all your strength and powers. Download Animal Wars now and test your might against the mighty Empire!

• Action packed, endless game
• Kill galactic soldiers
• Funny characters
• Test your reflexes against endless waves of enemies
• Single tap gaming that’s very fast
• Beautiful graphics
• Compete on the leaderboards with other players
• Seriously Funny!
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