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Collect or Die
Категория: Игры, Боевики, Аркады 149 р.
Добро пожаловать, испытуемый, и благодарим Вас за добровольное участие в научной программе "Собери или Умри" ("Collect or Die").

Мы бы хотели пригласить Вас в качестве добровольца в наш центр технологии и обучения, где Вы сможете насладиться чаем и тортом, прежде чем принять вызов легкого физического и психологического тестирования. Пожалуйста, обратите внимание на то, что, несмотря на веселье и обучение, которые являются основными задачами программы испытаний, также возможны серьезные травмы. Для того, чтобы обеспечить безопасность испытуемых, весь прогресс будет контролироваться с помощью наших современных записывающих устройств видеонаблюдения и VHS.

Удачи, доброволец!

Собери или Умри (Collect or Die) является ретро платформенной игрой в быстром темпе, происходящей в грязном научном центре. Цель проста, помочь человеку-палочке собрать все монеты в каждой испытательной камере или наблюдать за тем, как он пытается умереть! Конечно, это не так просто, как оно звучит, с тонной препятствий, начиная от пил и огромных камней до лазеров и часовых, все может быть крайне быстро!

- Динамическая физика фигурки и расчленение.
- 40 уровней в 4 этапа (скоро больше).
- Доска лидеров и достижения.
- Разнообразие ловушек и опасностей.
- Удивительные действия человека-палочки.
- Датчик наклона с регулируемой чувствительностью.
- Очень-очень много монет.

Динамическая физика фигурки и расчленение означают, что каждая смерть уникальна с неожиданными и веселыми результатами. Смерть больше не является чем-то занудным, следите за тем, как Ваш человек-палочка умирает жестокими и насильственными способами.
Chiz Crush
Категория: Игры, Стратегии, Симуляторы Бесплатно
New strategic defense game "Chiz Crush"

"Chiz troop" an alien force that is deeply infiltrated in Earth as CCTV
is observing city and looking out for an opportunity to invade.
When sickness, poverty, pollution, and war overwhelm the world now,
"Chiz troop" starts to show itself to conquer the Earth!
It's constructing "Chiz gate" in major cities and summoning its soldiers!
It plans to turn humans into Chiz.
Countless heroes that have been hiding themselves in daily lives!
They start to show themselves to confront the Chiz troop.

■ Gameplay that does not require network
* No more worries about data usage, or unstable network connection.
* Enjoy your game even on plane.

■ Heroes to confront Chiz troop!
* Protect cities' landmarks from Chiz troops that are trying to invade the Earth.
* Form teams of 3 heroes to attack and defend against invading Chiz troop.
* Destroy Chiz gates to earn more rewards.

■ I protect my own city! Landmark patrol!
* Dispatch heroes for patrol for the safety of landmarks.
* Earn rewards and medal from patrol to strengthen hero skills.
* Use stimulant for immediate patrol and earn rewards.

■ Draw weapon items and get stronger!
* Change team points to chips to draw weapon items.
* Weapon items have basic abilities and skills which are very powerful.
* Remember that when you change team points to chips, stage is returns.

■ Assign heroes depending on Chiz properties!
* Check Chiz's characteristics and assign the most apt hero.
* Heroes and Chiz troop have 4 kinds of properties.
* Additional damage attacks can be carried out depending on properties, so be sure to check them out beforehand.
Catch The Night
Категория: Игры, Боевики Бесплатно
Are you quick enough to catch a shooting star?

Improve your reflexes and coordination by doing one simple thing - tap the shooting stars.

[ 3 Competitive Modes ]

You have 60 seconds to catch as many stars as you can.
The faster you tap, the more you can catch.

This chaotic gauntlet becomes increasingly difficult.
Prioritize the faster shooting stars over the slower ones.

How many 20 second rounds can you complete before you let a single star slip by?

Climb the leaderboards to compete against your friends and the rest of the world.

[ 5 Quick Tips ]

You can hit multiple stars with a single tap.

Try using different methods to tap the stars. Some people prefer using fingers, other people use their thumbs. Some use two hands, some use one. Maybe toes work best for you.

In Endless Mode, don’t go after the slow moving stars right away. Wait until a quick star goes by first.

For Timed Mode, at first you may want to take it slow and focus on lasting the full 60 seconds. From there, build up your reflexes to improve your score.

Avoid distractions, especially when playing Nights mode. Just like the other modes, if you miss a star in Nights mode, it’s game over.
A Normal Lost Phone
Категория: Игры, Головоломки, Приключения 229 р.
A Normal Lost Phone is a game about exploring the intimacy of an unknown person whose phone was found by the player.

The game takes the shape of a narrative investigation: you have to search the phone’s text messages, pictures and applications, in order to learn about its former owner. Through this phone, you uncover Sam’s life, friends, family and relationships, until the evening when they turn 18 and mysteriously disappear.

- An immersive and intuitive way of introducing the narrative through a fake smartphone interface.
- A game that bridges the gap between reality and fiction by letting players act as themselves. The game asks a simple question: if you close the app but still think about the game, have you truly stopped playing?
- A relatable story that helps build empathy with the characters, allowing to explore difficult topics.
Mad Gardener: Zombie Defense Free
Категория: Игры, Стратегии, Боевики Бесплатно
The player takes the role of aspiring rockstar who has retired as a gardener after an incident with a guitar he says he didn’t set on fire. Unfortunately for him, the countryside turned out to be very boring. Plus, he didn’t suspect his farm was surrounded by high-risk locations such as an old military cemetery, an enchanted forest, an abandoned power plant and an old mine. This odd new lifestyle messed with the head of our hero who slowly transformed into the Mad Gardener.
Out of nowhere, a toxic spill from the power plant poisoned the grounds of the cemetery. Soon after that rumors spread about creatures wandering the graveyard after nightfall!

The rockstar felt there was danger ahead and mounted weapons on his old electric guitar. He also put his cockerel Apollo on a strict bodybuilding diet, turning him into a mighty rooster. After that Apollo specialized in explosives and became the Mad Gardener’s right hand.

The battle began one day when the Mad Gardener’s and Apollo were patrolling the old military graveyard…

With Mad Gardener, you get to enjoy:
- Stylish 3D graphics with beautiful environment and creatures.
- A not so deep storyline sewn with humor.
- Balanced gameplay that will keep both the beginner and the avid gamer entertained.
- 1 Big bad boss
- 3 mini but still bad bosses
- 3 deadly weapons mounted on an electric guitar
- 3 earth-shaking explosives
- 4 environment layouts each with its own unique gameplay strategies
- 8 berserker monsters to make your life harder
- 9 ugly monsters to create massive massacres
- 40 stages to test your skills

How to play:
- Tap on the screen to shoot upcoming creatures
- Drag explosives over monsters to demolish them
Almighty: Fantasy Clicker Game!
Категория: Игры, Развлечения, Стратегии Бесплатно
Almighty is an incremental tapping game with godly excitement, where you collect artifacts, build structures, and use prayers to cast powerful spells to rule the realm.

Tap to gain prayers from your worshippers and upgrade your character with new skills and weapons. Start a new journey to be the one and true Almighty!

Almighty Features:
• After an apocalyptic event nearly destroys the realm; an unknown being invades the new world, stripping The Almighty of his mythical artifacts and powerful magic. Now, he must regain his place as the true ruler of the realm, The Almighty.

• Use your finger to tap the screen, gather prayers from passing worshippers, build mythical structures to gain prayers without tapping, and unleash ultimate power through a selection of glorious spells.

• Unlock, collect, and equip mythical artifacts from weapons and armors, to powerful creatures. Obtain special powers from each artifact and progress through the realm of the Gods when you choose your allegiance: Light or Shadow.

• Each character is equipped with special skills and masteries. Start with one of many different deities, such as God of Fortune, God of Abyss, or God of Shadow, and reincarnate into another at will!

• Choose wisely to master all the divine powers. Become the one and true Almighty and reign across this realm.

Build structures, collect hundreds of mythical artifacts and be The Almighty.

Have any suggestions, criticisms, or ideas to make Almighty better? Reach us via info@alegrium.com
For more information, visit us at http://www.alegrium.com
Realm Grinder
Категория: Игры, Симуляторы, Ролевые игры Бесплатно
Grow your kingdom, build alliances, and explore one of the deepest idle RPG's ever!

Use your money and influence to grow your kingdom from a single farm to a huge realm that earns wealth even while you're not online! In Realm Grinder, the player is given an incredible array of choices in how they build forge their new kingdom.


*Deep Strategy - Choose to align yourself with a dozen different factions, each of which has their own distinct play style. Will you align with the elves, who reward tapping for treasure, or the demons, who give massive bonuses to the most powerful structures?

*Hundreds of Upgrades - Further fine tune your strategy by choosing unique upgrades, buildings, and spells to invest in.

*Tons of Content - Continue to unlock new and exciting systems like new factions, research, reincarnations, excavations, and way more. Months and months of unique content!

*Collect Hundreds of Achievements - Achievement hunters will be delighted with the broad range and depth of the achievement system. And it's not just eye candy! Many strategies rely on collecting trophies in order to boost certain upgrades.

*Frequent Events - Beyond the expansive base content in the game, there are frequent events where players can enjoy unique mechanics and exciting bonuses.

Please Note: Realm Grinder is a free-to-play game, but some extra game items can be purchased for real money. You can disable in-app purchases in your device's settings.
Just Snowboarding
Категория: Игры, Спорт, Спорт Бесплатно
Just Snowboarding is a highly authentic snowboard simulation with sheer endless possibilities to tweak (3D Touch), style and combine realistic tricks!
The numerous Slopestyle, Halfpipe, Big-Air, Jibbing (Rails, Boxes) and Backcountry challenge locations are covering a huge variety of snowboarding.

The game features a powerful yet simple steering technology with supportive in-game tutorials and simple buttons for beginners and advanced possibilities (2x taps, swipes, etc.) as well as enhancements (Grab-Trick-Packages) for Pro’s.

Summarized, the aim of the game is to beat the world’s best scores and to master given challenges in order to improve your overall snowboarding skills.

Let’s go and give it a try !!

- Finest snowboarding action sports simulation
- 3 unique levels with a total of 24 spots
- Customizable male & female characters
- Several snowboards to choose from
- Challenge, Competition and Training mode
- Beat the World’s Best Scores
- Tilt- or virtual joystick navigation
- Replay option with video & picture export
- 3D Touch
- Game Center leaderboard
- English language

Slope: Ollie, Nollie, Revert, Powerslide, Powerturn
Slides: 50-50, Boardslide, Nosepress, Tailpress, Noseslide, Tailslide, Lipslide, Bluntslide
Tricks/Grabs: Nosegrab, Tailgrab, Double-Hand Nosegrab, Double-Hand- Tailgrab, Seatbelt, Melon, Method, Backside Air, Mute, FS Grab, Stalefish, Crail, One Foot FS Grab, FS Shifty, BS Shifty, Stelmasky, Japan, Canadian Bacon, Roastbeef
Rotations: FS Spins, BS Spins, SW FS Spins, SW BS Spins, Frontflips, Backflips, Rodeos, Misty Flips, Corked Spins, Underflips, McTwists

If you grab your board, you can press more deeply / harder to tweak and style your tricks.

Just Snowboarding is compatible with 6th generation iPod touch, iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4 and iPad Pro.

The game is NOT compatible with iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPhone 5s, iPad Air 1

The game offers an In-App purchase for each level to get permanent and unlimited access.
To get access to all Trick-Buttons and more Grab-Tricks, there is a Grab-Package In-App purchase within the game.

VISIT US – randerline.com
FOLLOW US – twitter.com/randerline
LIKE US – facebook.com/randerline
WATCH US – youtube.com/randerline

If you experience any problems with the game or in case you have any questions or comments, please contact us directly - support(at)randerline.com. You may also contact us by visiting our website randerline.com. We will read and account for all reviews here, but we can only answer and help you via email. Thank you.
Pokémon Duel
Категория: Игры, Стратегии, Настольные Бесплатно
It's a Pokémon board game! Get matched up in real time and join a duel now!

■ Intro

Pokémon Duel is a strategy board game that uses Pokémon figures. Build a deck with your favorite figures and then leap into a League Match! Compete with players from around the world for a chance to enter the top League rankings in League Matches. You'll fight your rivals in real time! Win duels, get all kinds of cool figures and items, and make your deck stronger!

The rules are simple! The object is to be the first player to get one of your figures to your opponent's goal. How will you get to the goal? You'll need to carefully choose your route! In duels, you and your opponent take turns moving your figures. Set up a strategic formation and attack your opponent, or simply block their path—it's all about tactics! Plan your strategy and defeat your opponents in this game of cat and mouse!

In duels, your deck is composed of 6 Pokémon figures. There are all kinds of figures, each with different moves and abilities. Keep this in mind as you build your own custom deck!

Make use of your custom deck and the AI! The AI is a reliable ally who will determine good moves and take your turn for you. Make full use of the AI and crush your opponents!

■ Notes
- Terms of Use
Please read the Terms of Use before using this application.

- Device settings
You may not be able to launch this application, depending on your device’s settings and/or how it is used. In order to maintain fairness among players, some functions may become inaccessible if certain operations (such as jailbreaking) have been performed.

- Before making purchases
iOS version 8 or higher is required for this application. Available features may depend on your device’s iOS version.
Please make sure that you can use the free-of-charge features of this product with no issues on your device before you make purchases.
Certain devices and/or configurations may also cause the application to fail to work.

- For inquiries
Please visit support.pokemon.com to report issues about Pokémon Duel.
Undead Tycoon
Категория: Игры, Симуляторы Бесплатно
Do you have what it takes to turn a crumbling old necromancer's tower into a burgeoning empire? Hire some workers, improve your property, call the grim reaper, raise some undead, and do it all over again in this idle incremental game!
• Meet Monty the skeleton, your personal guide to building an empire
• Summon the undead and then blow them to bits for cash!
• Hire villagers to improve areas of the tower to send your profits soaring
• Perform alchemy for a chance at some amazing potions
• Summon the Grim Reaper and earn some undead workers to earn even more money!

Undead Tycoon is free to play but offers optional items for real money purchase, also contains rewarded advertisements. Internet connection may be required for some portions of gameplay.

Questions, comments, suggestions? We'd love to hear from you on Twitter @WaywardGaming or via email at support@waywardgaming.com
Car Simulator 2017 Wanted
Категория: Игры, Симуляторы, Развлечения Бесплатно
New Car Simulator 3D of 2017 with breathtaking missions & stunts. You escaped jail, after spending five hard years in the slammer of the city prison. Your place has been seized by some street idiots. Hit the road & perceive your come back to them. Own expensive fast sports cars in your garage. Race & chase, hit & kill, rob & blast are your key skills. Accomplish missions in cities by leaving behind cops & show to underworld that you are still the only MOST WANTED in the city.

-- Features --
- 11 Insane Fast Sports Cars
- 16 Stunning Missions, More To Come
- Earn Cash To Unlock New Cars
- Realistic 3D HD Graphics
- Drive with Traffic (With super Artificial Intelligence)
- Real Car Physics
- Tilting, Slider and Steering Controls
Bro or Not
Категория: Игры, Справочники, Семейные Бесплатно
Enjoy a cool BRO trivia game. Are you BRO enough to answer correctly?

Bro or Not is a fun trivia game which puts you right in the life of BROs. Look at each scene and answer whether the male character acted like a real BRO or not. The scenes range from GYM scenes, Parks scenes, Bar scenes and way much more. All this comes nicely packaged along with multiple melodious and groovy background tracks.

At its core this is a funny casual trivia game in which three dudes are put into various scenarios. You will be asked if the dudes have acted like a real BROs as per the BRO code. Every wrong answer teaches you the right bro code behind it.

- interactive trivia gameplay
- various setting – gym, parks, bar, neighbourhoods, living rooms.
- HD graphics with unique artwork
- 50 Epic Bro Code Levels
- Groovy Soundtrack
This is a trivia game one of its kind.
It’s a dynamic, fun and a cool trivia game that can be your favorite new time spender.
Get it free!
Star Conflict Heroes
Категория: Игры, Стратегии, Ролевые игры Бесплатно
Космическая онлайн игра в жанре Action RPG! Собирайте и развивайте свою звездную армаду, исследуйте вселенную, сражайтесь с пиратами и пришельцами и соревнуйтесь с другими игроками за первенство на просторах галактики в новом фантастическом боевике.

Более тридцати моделей боевых кораблей и десятки технологий для их улучшения. Выбирайте лучшие комбинации из четырех кораблей для самых разнообразных боев.

Используйте уникальные способности ваших кораблей и выбирайте тактику для каждого боя.

Впечатляющие космические локации и захватывающие бои со спецэффектами.

Соревнуйтесь на арене с другими игроками. Побеждайте и получайте заслуженную награду!

Загляните в самые далекие уголки Вселенной. Выполняйте задания, находите редкие ресурсы и изучайте секретные технологии.

Освобождайте космические колонии и поселения от гнета безжалостных пиратов, и защищайте галактику от вторжения пришельцев.

Командир, ваш космический флот готов к сражению! Вступайте в бой прямо сейчас и впишите свое имя в историю галактики!
Ultimate Parking Simulation
Категория: Игры, Симуляторы, Гонки Бесплатно
Ultimate Parking Simulator is an all new take on the parking games with the best and realistic cars and vehicle physics. It will drive you crazy and make you learn all the driving skills you been lacking for years.

One of the best car driving and parking game with stunningly beautiful graphics and smooth driving mechanism.

Drive through busy streets and park your car on suggested slots like a pro driver in this unique car simulator game.


- 100 challenging parking and checkpoint levels
- 20 engaging achievements to unlock
- 16 awesome vehicles: Cars, Trucks, Trailers, Buses and Ambulances
- Realistic driving and physics
- Beautiful city with 4 weathers: Day, Rain, Snow and Night
- Cockpit mode for realistic driving
- 3 storey parking
- Competitive leaderboard

Test your driving skills with more than 15 vehicles from the garage like cars, buses, trucks, trailers and ambulances.

Race around with 4 types of cars varying in size and park in the allotted slots all over the city.
Drive through sharp turns and park precisely (precision parking) with 3 types of buses including the school bus.
Make sure you don’t flip-over the trailer trucks as they are huge and heavy, drive slowly.
Race as soon as possible and reach checkpoints with 3 types of ambulances, includes a World War II ambulance.
Trucks carry loads, complete the transportation of the loads behind the trucks carefully without dropping the goods from the trucks.
Outside World: Remembered
Категория: Игры, Приключения, Головоломки 229 р.
As her journey continues, Kyrsten not only has to solve puzzles and find a way home, but to deal with strange appearances of long lost friends as well.

* Original 3D design and soundtracks
* Escape, puzzle-solving type of game play
* No ads, no in app purchase
Kung Fu Street Fighter: The Crime City
Категория: Игры, Боевики, Приключения Бесплатно
Kung Fu Street Fighter, a really classic but addictive fighting Coin-operated arcade game!It combine the features of Action Fighting, Stage Complete and Role Playing Game, together have this exciting action fighting game!

Kung Fu Street Fighter delivers sweet arcade nostalgia to you. Challenge yourself in this addictive, easy to use, old-school arcade FTG game.

Challenge yourself in this addictive, easy to use, old-school arcade FTG game.

Collect the money and upgrade the skills. Much fun!!!

Game features:
1. 2D graphics and Dynamic gameplay
2. More enemies fighter characters
3. Various combo blows
4. Easy touch control
5. Resurrection System in Boss levels
Mahjong by SkillGamesBoard
Категория: Игры, Настольные, Головоломки Бесплатно
Master the art of playing mahjong solitaire! Use your mother wit and dismantle a pyramid of tiles down to its base in the fewest possible number of moves!

Free mahjong solitaire by SkillGamesBoard is a simplified and modern version of one of the most fascinating logic board games of ancient China.

There is a fanciful pyramid of tiles before you. The goal of this free mahjong solitaire is to dismantle the pyramid down to its base. In order to do that, find and click on two tiles featuring identical pictures. Remember that you can only match tiles that are not blocked by other tiles from the left, right or top.

Examine your observation skills in free mahjong by SkillGamesBoard, an online mahjong solitaire!

Mahjong by SkillGamesBoard features include:

• timer modification option;
• 3 brand new figure layouts with more on the way;
• option to save the layout and play it again whenever you want;
• ingenious simplicity;
• hint option;
• option to zoom in and then back out on the screen;
• playable tiles pointers.

If you happen to notice any errors or bugs in the game, please don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know: http://skillgamesboard.com/contacts.aspx

Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/skillgamesboard/
Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/SkillGamesBoard
Follow us on Google+: https://plus.google.com/+Skillgamesboard/
My Hospital
Категория: Игры, Симуляторы, Семейные Бесплатно
Самая здоровая игра в мире!

Сражайтесь с самыми необычными и забавными болезнями в My Hospital - игре-симуляторе, в которой вы управляете собственным медицинским центром!

Создавайте эликсиры, выращивайте и собирайте целебные растения, готовьте лекарства для сотен пациентов, которым нужна ваша помощь. В этом мире главное - панацея, вы сможете сделать лекарство от любой хвори!


Постройте свою больницу и управляйте ей. Стройте кабинеты врачей, диагностические кабинеты, лечебный центр и лаборатории. Расширяйте больницу, улучшайте ее, показывайте ее друзьям!


Собирайте растения с целебными свойствами, создавайте десятки эликсиров, смешивайте сиропы, чтобы лечить 80 с лишним смешных заболеваний. Будь то чили в горле, ледяные руки или скользкие легкие - вас не остановит ничто! Открывайте новые лекарства, будьте готовы к борьбе с болезнями!


Сделайте так, чтобы больные чувствовали себя, как дома. Вам доступно множество украшений, а когда вы, наконец, порадуете своего внутреннего декоратора, покажите результат друзьям!


Подключитесь через учетную запись Facebook, чтобы заходить в больницы своих друзей по всему миру. Покупайте и продавайте лекарства, состязайтесь с другими главврачами. Покажите всем свои достижения в Game Center и Facebook.

Загрузить игру My Hospital и играть в нее можно бесплатно. При этом некоторые игровые предметы можно купить за настоящие деньги.

Поставьте "Нравится" на Facebook

Подпишитесь на Cherry Pick Games


Возникли проблемы? Есть предложения? Будем рады вас выслушать! Пишите по адресу: support@cherrypickgames.com
M.U.D. Rally
Категория: Игры, Гонки, Симуляторы Бесплатно
If you are looking for REAL mobile rally simulation, than you are in the right place. Race at 60 fps in mud, snow, dirt and asphalt in this fast-paced racing game.

Prove yourself fast in daytime and nighttime tracks, dare to speed in hostile conditions and terrain, drift along the turns and pay attention to your co-driver's pacenotes (Or he will get mad, we can assure it!).

Drive on awesome tracks: they are all modeled around existing and famous rally tracks, feel every little road's roughness, run on the edge of a pitfall, feel the breeze of the Alps' snow and the heat of the Mexico sun!

Customize the driver's name and the name of your co-pilot together with their country flags and stick them on your car's window! Get your livery dirty while trying to nail that turn, chose among a lot of different cars, each with its handling and performance!

Chose among two different championships: J-SPEC for beginners and S-SPEC for legendary drivers! Will you get to top??

Smash the leaderboards and show the world you are the fastest rally driver around... or show to them right on track: with multiplayer mode you can challenge a friend or players from all over the world!

Get M.U.D. Rally now, join the Rally!
Dodonpachi Unlimited
Категория: Игры, Развлечения, Боевики Бесплатно
Легендарная игра-стрелялка снова с вами!
Классическая аркадная игра, DoDonPachi с невероятным уровнем сложности снова с вами с новыми силами!! Избегайте вражеского огня с простым управлением одним пальцем ~!!
7 различных уровней от новичка до мастера! DoDonPachi –Unlimited- это игра для каждого. ~!!

- Индивидуальная система управления самолетами, чтобы почувствовать всю мощь во время игры.
Используйте Монеты, полученные после выполнения миссий, для усиления нужных вам функций.
- Шури/Хикари/Мария и даже Сайа~!!
Графическое изображение девушек стало еще лучше!!
Различные навыки персонажей!! Выберите девушку со специальными навыками и добейтесь лучших результатов!!
- Добавлен "Мировой рейтинг"!! Теперь следует постараться, чтобы стать номером 1 в мире!!
Сражайтесь с игроками по всему миру в зависимости от результата на каждом стадии и покажите всем свои навыки!!
- Поддержка 10 языков!
Игра доступна на следующих языках: 한국어, 日本語, English, 中文简体, 中文繁體, Pусский язык,
français, Deutsch, Español, Português!

Провести по экрану : Передвижение боевого самолета
Двойное нажатие : Использование бомбы


YouTube :
Космические рейнджеры: Наследие
Категория: Игры, Приключения, Ролевые игры Бесплатно
** ВНИМАНИЕ - Поддерживаются только устройства, начиная с iPad Air **

«Космические рейнджеры: Наследие» — ролевая игра с пошаговой боевой системой, действие которой происходит в мире захватывающей космической саги.
Межзвездной Коалиции противостоят новые непримиримые враги – представители небиологической жизни – Доминаторы. Их влияние распространяется с огромной скоростью, захватывая одну звездную систему за другой. Перед игроком стоит задача остановить доминатров, уничтожив их главные мозговые центры.
Особенности игры «Космические рейнджеры: Наследие»:
- Пошаговые сражения в открытом космосе
- Огромная вселенная, которая живет и развивается по своим законам
- Глубокая ролевая система
- Множество вариантов прохождения
- Красочная графика
Alien Wall - Brick Breaker meets Invader
Категория: Игры, Аркады, Боевики 75 р.
Alien Wall is a powerful genre mix between a brick breaker and a ‘galaxy invader’ / ‘shoot em up’ type of game. It’s packed with extra weapons and highly dynamical levels.

Wipe out all aliens level by level using your spaceship combined with power full extra weapons like
- Power Bursts
- Plasma Laser Cannon
- Self Shooting Plasma Balls
- Gravity Items
- Power Barrier
- Instant plasma ball push
- NO Power Downs
- NO 'In App Purchases'

Decide on your own which extra weapon you would like to use. Collect energy pods to fill up your extra weapon power.

Use your spaceship to control your plasma balls. Deceide how many plasma balls you can handle at once. You can use any number of the remaining plasma balls at your wish. Your spaceship has the control of the plasma balls:
- speed them up
- slow them down
- control deflection angle

Alien Wall is the perfect choice for all fans of retro arcade ‘brick breaking’ and ‘shoot em up’ type of games.
Stickman Surfer
Категория: Игры, Спорт, Семейные Бесплатно
От авторов таких популярных игр, как Stickman Skater и Stickman BMX – очередная долгожданная игра из той же серии - Stickman Surfer. Помогите легендарному Стиксону мчаться по волнам, бороздить дюны на своем джипе, кататься на сноуборде по трамплинам и рампе или просто расслабляться в его лачуге на побережье, наблюдая за стремительным окружающим миром.

Характеристики игры:

* Богатый выбор обстановки для серфинга, включая причалы, пещеры, затонувшие суда, гавани, водные парки и др..
* Два бонусных режима игры – «Рампа для скейтборда» и «Вождение по пескам»
* Много разблокируемых обновлений и настроек персонажа
* Много усовершенствований транспортных средств с разными характеристиками
* Ежедневные призы в виде сундука с сокровищами
* Настраиваемая ритмичная музыка
* Управление одним касанием
Категория: Игры, Игры в кости, Головоломки Бесплатно
Original number puzzle with dice algorithm and match 3 rule.

If you want to relax with fun, 3132 is good for you.

3132 is easy to learn, you only need swap numbers to match 3. But you only have several moves. You must be sure every move is worth. While like dice game, you can roll special numbers without moves. Roll to proper numbers and find best way to solve level.

If you fail, you can restart it again and again without any cost. Also you can use coins collected when you play to continue with extra moves.

Five grades, all unlocked.
Infinite levels, maybe?

Good Luck!
Roly Holes
Категория: Игры, Настольные, Аркады Бесплатно
The endless ball rolling game.

ROLL fast, or ROLL slow.
Just roll as far as you can without falling down a hole!

Choose an endless maze and see how far you can go.
Three game modes to play; random maze, maze of the week, or custom maze.

There is an almost infinite number of mazes to play.

Get the highest score on maze of the week.
Challenge friends to beat your score on a custom maze.
What will be your high score?

Hardware Requirements
A device with a gyroscope sensor
Категория: Игры, Развлечения, Боевики 149 р.
“It's the greatest frustformer on the platform!” - Touch Arcade
“The game is brutal in a fun way” - NineOverTen

Choco is back in a new adventure, full of new dangers, enemies and incredible boss battles!

ChocoRun 2 takes Choco back to his own candy world after his previous adventure, but he hasn’t returned alone, a new wave of enemies has come along to fill his world with perils he will have to overcome to face their leader and achieve his much deserved peaceful rest.

The game is hard, REALLY HARD. Being a chocolatey hero is no easy task! Move fast, think even faster, and get to the exit without being crushed on its 50 incredible levels.

Run, jump, slide, dash, attack… just with one touch control anywhere on the screen, Choco was born to be mobile!

Fight some really though final bosses that will blow your mind and jump over, under and between every spike, blade, mace, laser… you get the point, the sweetest chocolate is the one that’s hard to get!

Share your gameplays directly from within the game, record yourself over your run and send your awesome achievement to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter!
Категория: Игры, Аркады Бесплатно
Domukun-the poop monster is a one tap endless runner! The pixelated art shall remind you of the 80s. This fast paced arcade shall hook you for hours.

So you may ask, why we are suddenly shifting towards simple 2d Games? After all, we made games like Swipe Santa or Double Cube.

- Recently we see a trend. Casual mobile games are getting complicated day by day. And we think, it's losing the core value of casual play. With Domukun, we took a step back. The game lacks many things that we take it as granted in casual games. We did not bombard you with any other characters but the standard one. Nor did we added any In-app purchases. No, you can not get a second life in Domukun by watching an add. It's a simple, honest endless runner. The way casual games were supposed to be.
Harvest on Jupiter
Категория: Игры, Головоломки, Боевики 229 р.
Harvest on Jupiter is a beautiful and relaxing, sci-fi puzzle game.

Harvest the energized cube from the Jupiter Tree with the force field of Harvest plasma ball by placing it close to the cube.

Discover the many faces of the mysterious Jupiter Tree.

A unique digital Pythagoras tree for your pocket
• Beautiful, minimalist art and a super clean interface
• Meditative music and sound design for you to play and relax
• No in-App purchases, no advertisements, just you and the game.

Music by the talented Ars Sonor from the album In Search of Home. (Longing for Home, Stargazing and Alcyone)
Red's Kingdom
Категория: Игры, Приключения, Головоломки 379 р.
Помогите Красному исследовать земли в удивительных приключениях!

Безумный Король Мак похитил отца Красного и украл Золотой Орех! Решите головоломки и сражайтесь с врагами в королевстве.

Откройте для себя скрытые сокровища, собирайте орехи, откройте специальные навыки и больше… по мере прохождения этой увлекательной игры с более чем 17 удивительными местами, всегда что-то новенькое.

Более того
Узнайте больше об удивительных играх Cobra Mobile на нашем сайте www.cobramobile.com
Chrono Tales
Категория: Игры, Ролевые игры Бесплатно
Introducing our brand new western fantasy theme, MMORPG turn-based masterpiece, 《Chrono Tales》is now online! With amazing story, brings you into elegance of Magical Fantasy; with the classical turn-base system, adorable animation associated, and western magic cultures as well as tons of events to attract your attention. Mounted with most potent interaction system, you may tags however you desired in《Chrono Tales》. High details resolution, splendid soundtrack & exhilarating storylines, we bring you into the real world of magic.

Recommended by most professional turn-based player – Year 2016, the most anticipating online adorable turn-based multiplayer mobile game《Chrono Tales》 is blustery launched!
This is the most generous game – all rare item, dungeon game will be granted easily, now everyone has own mythical creature!
This is an unstoppable game – Changeable outfit of player and pet; 3v3, 5v5 team match crazy PK! Mummy, let me catch this pet first before we have our meal!
This is a massive interactive mobile game, lots of real-time communication, no more fake identity! Mummy, I got my mate in 《Chrono Tales》!

【Game Feature】
[General welfare; rare item and dungeon drop.]
Player oriented setting – Rare item, mythical creatures, generous dungeon events drop, opens to public! Acquire your wealth with free trading market.

【Exemplary zeal, singular, group PK everything.】
Inspiring ways of PK, warrior arena 1v1 challenge, Occupation challenge 3v3, hyperspace ranking challenge, peak duel 5v5 battle royal, five diverse integrated occupations, and even common player can experience the most flourishing duel.

Real-time interaction, social, PK always offered]
Varieties of social system, marriage, relationship, sworn, apprenticeship, factions, trading system, real-time interaction command for friends, beauties and handsome are awaiting you!

[Adorable Pets, hundreds of abilities for casually combination]
Couples of funny anime pet, plentiful pet adoption systems, hundreds of abilities combination; you can make your own unique pet that assists you in every war.

[Reinvention fashion accessories for sophisticated figure]
Our originally creation: role accessories and fashion inspiring system, player may enjoy the every parts combination and colour changes, make yourself different with others, say Bye to same outfit!

[Adventure or leisure, mutual love or admiration]
Join the Rainbow adventure or etc.., it consist of forging, potion maker, cultivation and etc. varieties of couple play mode, you will never retire from game!


If you have experience any issue, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Facebook : www.facebook.com/eyouct
Email : ct_support@eyougame.com
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