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Ежедневно App Store пополняется десятками мобильных приложений. О наиболее ярких релизах мы сообщаем вам незамедлительно, публикую новости о выходе. Однако в разделе «Новинки игр и программ для в App Store» собраны все привлекающие внимание приложения. Здесь вы всегда найдете свежую информацию о новинках российского сегмента магазина приложений Apple.
Galaxy Stack
Категория: Игры, Развлечения, Головоломки 149 р
Aliens are descending from the skies! Leave them a message by building fearsome towers out of the wreckage of their ships!

-A unique blend of a shmup and a block stacking game
-5 different ships to pilot with varied weapon systems
-Increasingly difficult waves of enemies
-Incredibly improbable physics
-4 bullet-spewing bosses

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A Thief's Journey
Категория: Игры, Головоломки Бесплатно
VRPlaying Games is a 2 man studio based in New Delhi, India and we are proud to present our first game to you all.

Welcome to "A Thief's Journey" , a simple puzzle game which is set in a relaxed environment of a museum room filled with guards , searchlights , spikes and lasers against a backdrop of soothing calm music where all you have to do is tip toe around the floor and find your way to steal the prize. Relaxing isn't it ??

The game consists of various puzzle elements like collecting keys , activating/deactivating tiles , floor traps and restricted entry and exit to various bases. All of this fun is packed in 40+ levels of simple puzzle solving fun where we guarantee only one thing : you can't avoid being caught !

So if you want to avoid being locked up , be very careful in this seemingly simple puzzle heist game !

We've tried our best to avoid intrusive ads . So the only ads you'll see are the ones you'll want to watch for a reward ! We offer an in app purchase for an ad free experience (and a whole lot more!) .

We hope you enjoy playing our game as much as we have enjoyed making it .
The Arcade Rabbit
Категория: Игры, Боевики Бесплатно
Roguelike Action Game

Explore the dungeon, and get different crazy item builds!

Key Features
* Randomly-generated dungeon world with new experience every time.
* 200+ items waiting for you to explore.
* 3 different weapon types based on their preferred play-style.
(1) Sword: fast attack speed, can launch special skills during critical attacking;
(2) Great Sword: can cause massive damage, provide players with shielding capabilities;
(3) Staff: larger attack range, can use damage-immune shield;
* 7 unique heroes with unique abilities.

The game inspiration comes from classical rogue-like game The Binding of Isaac. Every time you enter the game, you will experience a random dungeon.We also drew inspiration from Lost Castle, Dead Cells, Rampage Knights, Castle Crashers and Wizard of Legend. Thanks for all these great games.

Email: 862099132@qq.com
Apart of Me
Категория: Игры, Приключения, Здоровье и фитнес Бесплатно
Apart of Me - A beautiful world, built to guide you through your darkest moments.

This game is designed to help you find wisdom and build strength to help you cope with the death of a loved one.

Welcome, to your island.

A magical, peaceful world populated by friendly creatures and a wise guide.

Help Foshan and his friends find peace by catching fireflies, discovering stories of loss and love in the cave, learning to be kind to yourself by the rockpool, and completing real-world quests.


Acceptance - catch the fireflies that are buzzing around the island and complete the check-in to learn how to accept your different feelings

Peace - hang out by the rockpool where you can master your kind and soothing breath

Wisdom - pick up the bottles washed up at sea and discover wisdom on loss and love from all around the world

Connection - help Foshan, Flori, and Benku and they will connect you to stories of loss and love in the cave from people who really know how it feels


“Since being involved in this project, I have been able to find some meaning from all of those dark times."
-- Jamie, 18. Apart of Me Guide

"It really does show you how ‘you are not alone’, and even the way we process our grief, despite the different circumstances, are so similar. All these people are using their journey, their story to help others to not feel isolated. And it really is rewarding. This app will change the lives of so many.”
-- Jody, 22. Apart of Me Guide

“Your app is spot on, truly novel, so creative, so relevant, diverse & inclusive too. I lost my Dad who was wonderful at 18 & my family of sisters have achieved & been hugely successful but have suffered in various ways through not being able to effectively grieve & comfort each other & our mother at the time. Finding this has really made my day. Your app will make a big impact.”
-- Mary, Player

"We are sure this game will be a huge success and a vital tool for a 21st Century approach to bereavement.”
-- Linda Magistris, Chief Executive/Founder, The Good Grief Trust

“This game has the ability to change lives and save others.”
-- William Hunter Howell, Best-selling author of Affable in Adversity

“Apart of Me is the first ever interactive tool that uses gaming technology to translate the best therapeutic techniques and practices for dealing with grief into a safe virtual space.”
-- ITV News


- Winner: Best Youth Focused Emotional Support Application 2018 in the Technology Awards 2018, hosted by Global Health & Pharma
- Finalist: Pfizer Healthcare Hub awards
- Finalist: Tech4Good Awards 2018


Recently seen on BBC Breakfast, ITN and Channel 5 news.
Featured in The Guardian’s top 10 tech projects to look forward to in 2018


Bounce Works is a social enterprise with a mission to overturn the growing crisis in mental health among our youth by creating engaging and effective digital products and services.

We made Apart of Me because we wanted to help young people going through difficult times.


Apart of Me is intended to support children and young people who have a terminally-ill family member or friend, or who have had a family member or friend die. It is not intended to replace independent professional advice from qualified counsellors, psychotherapists and medical practitioners. There are people who can help you if you feel that you need more support, so please speak to someone you can trust or seek professional guidance.

In the future we may collect some data from users to help research effectiveness of game features and therapeutic techniques. Don't worry, we'll ask for your permission before we collect anything identifiable and you will be welcome to say no at any time.

You can read more about our terms and conditions here:

Terms of Service: https://apartofme.app/terms/
Privacy Policy: https://apartofme.app/privacy/
Ridiculous Rugby
Категория: Игры, Спорт, Спорт 229 р
Ridiculous Rugby - Entirely physics based ragdoll animated rugby! With characters truly physically collide with each other and grab onto each other to push and drag each other up the field.
With 8 bit pixel art inspired 3D artwork.

From the developer of Super Jump Soccer (featured under New Games We Love on App Store in EU and UK during 2018 World Cup).

Official Selection of Indie MEGABOOTH at PAX West 2018

“While I was taken by the Untitled Goose Game at PAX this year, if I had to give a game a “The Most Fun I Had Trying a Demo" award it would definitely go to Ridiculous Rugby. ... Stinger has absolutely nailed the feeling of rugby where other players are trying desperately to bring you down and you’re trying desperately to power through and keep moving down the field. ... just trust me that it’s awesome.” - TouchArcade

Touch the ball in the opposite end zone for a 5 point TRY
Kick the ball through the uprights for a 3 point GOAL KICK
Players can only pass the ball to teammates beside or behind them, never ahead
Players can kick the ball forward

Left stick to run
K button to kick the ball or execute a dive tackle
S to switch players or ball the ball
J to jump

Augmented Reality mode.
Forged Fantasy
Категория: Игры, Боевики, Ролевые игры Бесплатно
Создай свою эпическую команду героев!
Новая экшн-RPG в стиле фэнтези

Собери десятки героев, путешествуй по удивительным местам и победи зло, которое угрожает миру!

● Невероятная сюжетная RPG
● Переключайся между героями во время битвы
● Контролируй бои в ручном режиме или играй в авто-режиме и применяй тактику
● Уникальные миры и более 100 миссий в сюжетном режиме
● События дня, босс рейды и разные PVP-режимы

● Собери десятки эксклюзивных героев со своим легендарным оружием и особыми умениями
● Найди лучшее сочетание героев и вступи в бой
● Играй с друзьями и сражайся с игроками со всего света в PvP схватках в реальном времени
● Вступай в альянсы и объединяйся с другими игроками на время кооп босс рейдов и событий

Получай награды после каждой битвы, повышай уровень героев и улучшай умения
Играй в одну из лучших экшн-RPG в стиле фэнтези БЕСПЛАТНО! Качай прямо сейчас!

Загружая это приложение, Вы соглашаетесь с условиями и положениями Условий использования компании Hothead (www.hotheadgames.com/termsofuse) и Политики конфиденциальности компании Hothead (www.hotheadgames.com/privacy-policy).

©2019 Hothead Games Inc., Hothead и Forged Fantasy являются товарными знаками или официально зарегистрированными товарными знаками Hothead Games Inc. Все права защищены.
Tap! Captain Star
Категория: Игры, Приключения, Стратегии Бесплатно
Игра была представлена на игровом фестивале инди-разработчиков в Киото, BitSummit!

Темные чудовища прибыли из далеких уголков вселенной.
Пока вся вселенная трепещет от страха, на Земле к бою готовится молодой герой. Его зовут... Капитан Звезда.

Помоги Капитану Звезде и его команде исследовать созвездия и восстановить мир во всей вселенной.

Полный касаний космический кликер.

● Исследуй таинственный космос.
● Проложи свой маршрут и найди все 88 созвездий.
● Раз за разом касайся экрана, чтобы улучшить Капитана Звезду и особые навыки.
● Собери более 20 членов команды и победи злых пришельцев.

● Улучшай звездолеты, чтобы упростить исследование космоса.
● Возвращайся на Землю, когда окажешься в беде, и продолжай оттуда свое испытание.

● Усиливай своих героев с помощью 36 гиперядер, которые можно получить после возвращения!

Что лежит за краем вселенной?

Отправься в грандиозное приключение по таинственному космосу с Капитаном Звездой.
Rangers of Oblivion
Категория: Игры, Развлечения Бесплатно
Become a legendary monster hunting Ranger in the MMORPG Rangers of Oblivion!

We Rangers walk on the fringes of humanity;
Defending this illusion we call paradise.
Monsters roam the land, foretelling the end of days;
As factions bicker to no end, a great evil conspires in shadows;
A hero is called upon, to save the Land of Malheim.

Hunt down the monsters that plague this once-peaceful land and eradicate the corruption.

Hunt well, Ranger!


▶Hunt the Ultimate Prey
Form a team with other players, or go at it alone and take down hundreds of fierce beasts and monsters. Explore the diverse wilderness of Malheim and encounter challenges along the way whether you are a trainee, or a seasoned Ranger.

▶A Free-Roaming World
Engage in real-time combat with a completely unlocked camera and take in the world of Rangers of Oblivion. Master 6 unique weapon types: Greatsword, Lance, Longbow, Twin Blades, Staff, and Armored Gauntlets. Hunt, slay, and loot monsters to forge stronger equipment and take down tougher and tougher foes.

▶Next-Gen Graphics
Dive into a highly detailed 3D fantasy world with an ever-changing environment. A day/night cycle, weather system, ocean tides, swaying vegetation, and even snowstorms come together to bring the world to life.

▶Tons of Game Modes
Tackle a wide variety of game modes to always challenge yourself. Test your combat skills in Speed Hunt, rely on your survival instincts to their fullest in the Expedition, and explore the unknown for ancient treasures on The Lost Isle. More than 10 unique game modes are available to you as an elite Ranger.

▶A Rich World to Explore
Live out the tale of a legendary Ranger in the Land of Malheim with so much more to experience than just the hunt. Catching wild horses, searching for hidden treasure, going fishing, and cooking exotic dishes are only some of the activities for you to discover.

▶Customize Your Appearance
Customization starts from the very beginning with full character creation options. Watch your appearance change from a novice to a master as you level up and acquire better and better equipment. If you ever get bored, change your look completely with one of the many in-game costumes, from scurvy pirates to hi-tech assassins.
Planet Hunter
Категория: Игры, Приключения, Боевики Бесплатно
Planet Hunter is an arcade 3D top view shooting game. The real shooting game that you were looking for!

This game will draw you in with its beautiful environments and intense effects

There're a lot of different tiny planets, player's target is you need to kill all the monsters on the screen and collect rewards to upgrade weapons and unlock higher level.

Each missions has a special challenge for player to overcome. With a lot of skill require, Planet Hunter will make you become a real monster hunter.
Категория: Игры, Приключения 229 р
Detectives Sarah and John investigate some strange disappearances that occur outside of a town. In the middle of their investigation they arrive at the mordiz mansion. A place that apparently was abandoned, soon they will discover that it is not like that ...

Sarah and John lose communication with the outside and disappear without a trace.
It's here when our protagonist Edward. A guy who suffers from schizophrenia goes in search of his only sister Sarah. Also arriving at the mordiz mansion. There you will have to face unimaginable horrors that inhabit the place, but not before dealing with what is in your mind.
Bad Hungry Monster
Категория: Игры, Приключения, Боевики Бесплатно
Long long ago, there is a bad monster who steal eggs everyday in a route village. One day he gets hurt and he could not have move to steal eggs to feed himself. Chacha is his family and he decides to take adventure to steal eggs and let monster make amends. There are small eggs in the nest, and bad monster is trapped on the other side of eggs. Now the monster is in terrible danger, if he has nothing to eat, he will cry and die. So you should try your best to guide Chacha to steal eggs. What’s more, the only way between eggs and monster is a deadly passage that is full of fierce enemies and unknown traps, watch out them otherwise Chacha will be captured and drop down at any time.
Are you clever and flexible enough? Can you help Chacha steal the eggs successfully and feed the monster to keep him safe?
The fate of monster and Chacha, is in your hands!

How to play
1.Tap the screen to guide Chacha to hide enemies and traps
2.Tap the button of left bottom to speed up
3.Tap the button of right bottom to change direction
4.Pass all challenging levels to rescue bad monster

Succinct quality and funny music
20+ challenging levels
Numerous funky monster characters
Simple Dungeon
Категория: Игры, Боевики, Ролевые игры 149 р
Simple Dungeon - это динамичная ролевая игра в фентезийном мире. Вы - одинокий странник, прибыли с континента
на таинственный остров. Вам предстоит спустится и исследовать подземелье на острове, сразится с ордами монстров и найти легендарное сокровище.

* Случайно создаваемое подземелье для исследования.
* Развитие и прокачка навыков персонажа.
* Сотни предметов, оружия и экипировки.
* Полчища монстров с уникальным поведением.
* Без рекламы и встроенных покупок.

Удачи и приятного времяпровождения!
Alien Shooter 2 - The Legend
Категория: Игры, Аркады, Боевики Бесплатно
Вторая часть легендарного Alien Shooter теперь доступна на вашем iPhone и iPad совершенно бесплатно!
Попробуйте и вас мгновенно затянет в самое пекло взрывного экшена, куда уже попали миллионы геймеров по всему миру!

Эта игра объединила в себе практически все части серии. Вам предстоит разобраться в загадочной истории с самого начала — с появления
монстров на секретной базе корпорации МАГМА и стать участником глобальных сражений за выживание человечества.
Во всем этом Вам помогут давно знакомые персонажи - Генерал Бейкер, инженер Николай, гениальный профессор и конечно же Кейт Лиа,
постоянный спутник главного героя на протяжении многих лет.

Самое главное, по многочисленным просьбам наших игроков, игра получила сетевой режим.
Улучшайте своего героя, модернизируйте оружие и проверяйте свою силу, соревнуясь с игроками со всего мира!

В итоге Вас ждет:

Многочасовой геймплей в режиме кампании
Множество карт для сетевых баталий
Возможность улучшения и экипировки персонажа в соответствии с вашим стилем игры
Сотни видов оружия, от пистолетов до плазменных пушек
Боевые дроны, гранаты, аптечки, импланты и много других полезных устройств

И самое главное, что всегда свойственно играм от Sigma Team:
- Огромные толпы монстров на одном экране!
- Останки уничтоженных противников не исчезают — оцени проделанную работу, в конце каждого уровня!
VAST - Pocket Edition
Категория: Игры, Боевики, Приключения 1,150 р
EPISODIC SCI-FI ADVENTURE! VAST™ - Cosmic Treasure Hunters is an anime-flavored sci-fi action adventure first person shooter about a misfit team of cosmic treasure hunters, in way over their heads!

Campaign Levels are released Episodically over time as FREE UPDATES. CAMPAIGN "THE FROZEN STAR" EPISODE 1 NOW INCLUDED!

iPhone 8+ Recommended, Gamepad is Optional. Also separately available on tvOS!

In VAST™, you play as Enzo, the security cyborg on the Aces High expedition starship, owned and captained by cat Michu, piloted by blue-skinned hot-shot Yori, and led around the galaxy by their exo-archeologist frog Jasper. When the team arrives at the mythical Frozen Star, they find their ship is in need of repair with the Vorid horde hot on their trail. But what lurks around them in the Vast? Find out in this fast-paced run-and-gun sci-fi action adventure!
King Crusher - Roguelike Game
Категория: Игры, Приключения, Ролевые игры Бесплатно
"You have to be born a king or a madman to do what you want." For King Tease, it would seem that this is not a problem – for it's quite possible that he is both. For he decided that this world had far too high a number of monarchs and that only one should remain: him! And so he's sending out his Hand to slay all other rulers, to walk through forests, deserts, and green pastures, as well as volcanoes and cemeteries, in exchange for gold and glory but, more often than not, all they receive in return is… death and setbacks.

You, the King's Hand, should recruit a small group of fighters from twelve character classes: There are so many heroes to serve as cannon fodder for His Majesty's pleasure! Take advantage of everyone's strengths, move strategically on the field, collect all the items you find on your journey, put the bonuses you pick up in combat to good use and level up in this great adventure with its wacky and offbeat humor.

Dive on rogue-like and RPG game in an original way. Its dynamic gameplay is based on swipes and cleverly carried-out quick hits to attack, defend, and move using press/slide motions on the characters that make up the King's Hand.

- Build a team of fighters from 12 unique character classes and become the King's Hand
- More than 60 events and situations to overcome
- Defeat powerful kings, take their Kingdom's throwns to achieve domination
- Explore a quirky and fantastical medieval universe over 5 unique lands
- Swipe, attack with quick hits, move around using press/slide motions
- Build your strategy, earn loots to cast new spells and become the most fearful warriors to serve the Kingdom
- Pixel-art graphics with old-fashioned arcade feel and wacky offbeat humor
Delivery from the pain
Категория: Игры, Приключения, Стратегии 399 р
“Delivery From The Pain” is a strategic survival game with a fantastic storyline. In this game, you are not Alice in Resident Evil; you are just a regular survivor in a horrible world with zombies. During your adventure;

1. You have to face different kinds of zombies, keep calm and observe them to figure out their weak point, then smartly deal with them based on your situation.

2. You will meet other survivors; your choices will decide what will happen and what kind of ending you will have.

3. You'd better make a good study plan so that you can build a safer shelter, develop powerful weapons, cook more delicious food.

Three Tips for You

1. Avoid eating lousy food, or you will die faster.
2. Keep in mind that you are not a hero in front of zombies, just run away when you should.
3. Try to sleep in a more comfortable bed.

One anti-cancer drug research institute announced that they had found the key of eternal life, Faith Energy company then activated the Human X plane, but the vaccine failed, and all infected human turned into zombies, and the area where you live, has been severely affected. To survive and find out the conspiracy behind, you begin your exploration.

The poor beautiful mother and her daughter in the police station, the doctor in Smith Hospital, the cunning liar, the mentally disabled fat man, the jealous queen, and the twin brothers with an entirely different personality, do you want to see all of them be alive at the end? At what cost do you want to pay for that? The tapes, newspaper, magazines, and files you found during your exploration, will have what kind of secrets behind? Can you get the password to the escape gate with your wisdom?

* Unique doomsday experience with interesting hidden game settings
* Multiple endings with full of mysteries and surprises, which one is the truth?
* Big map with dangerous attracting 3D urban buildings
* Life-like NPCs with particular timelines and evocative story design
* Thought-provoking choices during your conversation with other survivors make your journey to be full of uncertain.
* Over ten kinds of zombies with specific skills and four ultimate boss monsters are waiting for you.
* Study system and workshop offer varied strategic choices, try to build a safer shelter now!
* Different kinds of weapons and particular sneak-in system provide you with better combat experience.

Facebook: @DeliveryFromThePain
Twitter: @DeliveryPain
Ink,Mountains and Mystery
Категория: Игры, Головоломки, Приключения Бесплатно
Ink, Mountains and Mystery is the second stylized indie game developed by the same minds behind The Beautiful Dream from NetEase Games. Using multi-layered, hand-painted 3D models and a unique rendering technology thanks to the self-developed NeoX engine, this game represents a unique artistic conception filled with gorgeous colors and great rolling landscapes.

Ink, Mountains and Mystery has turned the aesthetic of two-dimensional paintings into spanning three-dimensional worlds. By using the classical horizontal scroll view together with a free-look view, players are led into wondrous scroll paintings of charming landscapes and will even enter the world of the Song Dynasty classic, A Thousand Li of Rivers. Prepare to experience the charm of ancient traditional cultures by exploring the brilliance of these classic works.

It represents the artistic conceptions and beauty of traditional Chinese landscape paintings, often characterized by the prominence of blue and green colors. Prepare to enter this charming landscape and immerse yourself in a world full of wonder. Let the impressive painting style, intriguing tales, diverse personalities and moving music guide you on your fantastic journey through the unknown.

Based on classic stories and tales from masterworks, A Chinese Bestiary, Flowers in the Mirror and more, this game contains many striking and touching tales. Follow the adventures of two unlikely protagonists as they explore different works and form bonds with all manner of characters. Let the impressive painting style, intriguing tales, diverse personalities and moving music guide you on your fantastic journey through the paintings.

Enter the Canvas: Explore classical works marked by vivid and delicate strokes.
Landscapes of Love: Unique picturesque Oriental experience.
Heavenly Creations: Collect items and reveal the mysteries of the paintings.
Ink Enigmas: Solve enchanting puzzles.
Immersive Experience: Clear your heart and enjoy this captivating world.

Contact Us
Official Website: http://hz.163.com/
Official WeChat: 网易绘真妙笔千山 (miaobiqianshan)
Official Weibo: @绘真妙笔千山
AFK Arena
Категория: Игры, Стратегии, Ролевые игры Бесплатно
Beautiful art, collectible heroes
Enter the awe-inspiring world of Esperia, where an abundance of heroes await your orders. Four major factions- the Graveborn, Lightbearers, Maulers, and Wilders clash and cooperate. Tons of heroes and classes are at your disposal with hundreds each possessing their own unique abilities and attributes. Train up your band of heroes and venture forth into Esperia.

Go AFK and level up
Even when AFK your heroes are hard at work killing beasts and acquiring loot helping you to level up more quickly. Enjoy the spoils of war without the grind.

Play at your own pace
Fun, challenging quests instead of daily tasks. Play every day if you feel like it or visit a few times a week. Whether it’s your favorite new hobby or just your way to bring some fun to your commute, AFK Heroes has you covered.

Multiple quest types
Ascend the massive spiral of the King’s Tower, fighting your way up, or delve into the Arcane Labyrinth to find your way through twisting paths and foes in the dark.

Change the tide of the battle with a touch
Change your formation according to the enemies you’re facing off against. Manually set off heroes’ ultimate abilities to optimal effect, defeating your foes.

Randomly generated maze maps
Enter the maze, which will periodically change, adding another layer of complexity. Choose your path when you set out on your expedition.

A global community
Make friends and create guilds with people from all over the world. Call on your allies to join you in arms and set out together, teaming up to overcome the deadly trials. Esperia throws your way.
Quester 2
Категория: Игры, Приключения, Симуляторы 75 р
«Одноклассники» — очередной квест в жанре триллера от создателей «Подслушано».

Это законченная история, о развязке которой вы узнаете из газет. Вам в этой истории отведена роль тихо спивающегося детектива. А главному герою, чтобы выбраться из сложившейся ситуации, предстоит не только физически найти выход, но решить свои психологические проблемы.
Flappy Coin : Tap Tap Jump!
Категория: Игры, Аркады, Боевики Бесплатно
Tap to jump! Be careful not to fall!

Gather jumping gauges and hold on as long as you can.
How far can you jump up through breaking those blocks?

Flappy jump!

1. Tap the screen to make sure "Coin" character keep jumping and not fall into the water.
2. Collect energy items to fill the jumping gauge.
3. The higher you go up through the blocks!
Dinosaur Eggs Pop 2 Premium
Категория: Игры, Головоломки, Аркады 75 р
Dinosaur queen kidnaps the dinosaur friends, she hides them behind the her eggs mess call the Puzzle, and you as the dinosaur hero embark on the colorful, exciting and emotional adventure to rescue friends.

Your mission is:
SHOOT to group same color eggs (at least 3 eggs) to break them
SOLVE hundreds of fun and challenging levels
COLLECT the required items (coins, dino-stones, dino-souls) to rescue dino friends.

Dino Eggs Pop Saga features:
- Cool ways to play: Target Score, Clear All Eggs and Shoot Stone Down (fossil challenge) mode
- Colorful and nostalgic graphics
- Old school game twists new gameplay and mechanism
- 250 challenging levels
- Pass level 40 to unlock endless mode
- 10 dinosaur characters are waiting for you to rescue
- Powerful items to help you equip the best stuffs to shoot: Black Bomb, White Arrow, Lift-Up
- So much customized: 5 beautiful launchers, 5 egg sets make you always feel fresh
- Leaderboard for endless mode. Don’t forget mark yourself with highest score to make proud to other global players
- Worthy achievements!

Aim! Shoot! Rescue dino friends!

Follow us to get news and updates:
- Visit our official site at http://www.senspark.com
- Send your feedback via feedback@senspark.com
- Like & follow on https://www.facebook.com/TeamSenspark or @teamsenspark
Категория: Игры, Ролевые игры, Приключения Бесплатно
Expeditionaries is a first person rpg with procedurally generated dungeons and open areas, providing both short randomised missions and a story of exploration, discovery, and digging too greedily and deeply.
Car Battle Royale: War Arena
Категория: Игры, Боевики, Аркады Бесплатно
Prove yourself in the ultimate battle royale arena! Fast paced car action awaits you.

Show you're the best and be last player to survive!
Flying South: Strategy Battle
Категория: Игры, Боевики, Стратегии Бесплатно
Commandant, you are required to defend your crystals against waves of malevolent enemies!

Fight on beautiful islands with melee and ranged troops. Defend your precious treasures or die trying!
The Renaissance of Evil Full
Категория: Игры, Приключения, Головоломки 379 р
Это квест перенесет вас в Италию эпохи Возрождения. Наука и мистика, тайны и приключения, поиск предметов, головоломки и захватывающий детективный сюжет.

Когда эпидемия чумы захлестнула страну, герцог ди Медичи отправил семью в тайный город ученых под названием Апотекариум. Алхимия и технология сделали его центром науки в Италии. Однако, вскоре мистические события заставили герцога пожалеть о своем решении. Отправляйтесь на место событий и раскройте страшные тайны города алхимиков.

Особенности этой игры-приключения:
- Квест на поиск предметов на русском языке
- Меняющиеся предметы в сценах “я ищу”
- Головоломки и мини-игры
- Поиск скрытых предметов можно заменить на “три в ряд”
- Исторический детектив с элементами фэнтези
- Пошаговое прохождение игры
- Атмосферные локации и захватывающие 3D видео

Совершите путешествие во времени и окунитесь в атмосферу Ренессанса! Этот квест на русском языке не оставит равнодушных среди поклонников жанра “я ищу”. Ваше расследование приведет вас в лабиринт улиц города призраков. Лаборатория алхимика, часовая башня, библиотека – повсюду вам будут попадаться записки искателя эликсира бессмертия... и сам безумный ученый. Жажда знаний толкнула его на многочисленные преступления, и только вам под силу его остановить. Собирайте инвентарь и получайте монетки за прохождение заданий на поиск предметов. Тратьте их в Лавке на улучшения и подсказки.

Монетки также можно получить, если быстро и без ошибок решать головоломки. Большинство из них - паззлы и игры на логику. Впрочем, также есть мини-игры в стиле танграм и пентамино. Ищите спрятанные сундуки,покажите умение разгадывать загадки и получайте полезные бонусы. За прохождение игры “Апотекариум. Возрождение зла” можно получить 20 достижений. А если вдруг возникнут сложности, иллюстрированный гид по прохождению игры поможет сориентироваться.

Нравится приключенческий квест "Апотекариум: Возрождение зла"? Узнайте больше!
Monster Hero: Immortal Dragons
Категория: Игры, Ролевые игры, Боевики Бесплатно
The Ultimate Coop experience is here!
Battle through hordes of monsters and dragons with your friends, and try to advance as many levels as possible!

Experience an skill based team work game where you have to play with friends and help each other out in order to survive and slay your foes!
Can you do it? Can you become the next Heroic Adventurer?

- Real time Multiplayer
- Cooperative battles against hordes of monsters and bosses
- Choose from 3 different classes
- Intuitive controls
- Fast paced Action
Tavern of the Brave
Категория: Игры, Стратегии, Ролевые игры Бесплатно
The newest IDLE RPG on App Store. Choose your heroes, recruit adventurers, protect the citizens and save the realm!

Join Sir Durval in this quest to establish a true knighthood in the TAVERN OF THE BRAVE. The monsters are attacking cities, kidnapping innocent people and threatening travellers. You are the only one who can protect them!

Idle System
Set your heroes to go on quests, earning you gold, honor, fame and monster parts while you are away

Multiple Heroes
Discover new heroes and upgrade them to tackle harder quests!

Various classes
Recruit adventurers who can be warriors, mages, archers, rogues, priests or bards to support your heroes in their missions. Each class have multiple different skills!

Perfect your strategy
Combine different skills and positions to make the perfect team
Fortline: Tower Wars
Категория: Игры, Головоломки, Аркады Бесплатно
Enjoy our new multiplayer real time player versus player tower defense! Fight against your friends in this line tower wars game! Your objective is to overwhelm your adversary with troops and at the same time defend your base! Can you manage your resources skillfully enough to do it?

See you in the arena!
Warplanes: Free for All Combat
Категория: Игры, Симуляторы, Боевики Бесплатно
Download the top free war games and prepare for combat! Climb into the cockpit of your World War II warplane and get ready for take-off - your mission is about to begin! Take to the skies and join the battle in epic WWII dogfights!

Be an ace pilot! Fly solo as a lone wolf or team up with your squadron to control the skies in intense PVP multiplayer games and battles. An epic combo of airplane stunts action and an exhilarating shooting game. Pull off gravity-defying stunts and tricks, get the enemy in your sights and hit the trigger to shoot them down. It's life or death up there, and only the bravest and most skilled pilots survive!
Kaiju King Rampage.io
Категория: Игры, Боевики, Аркады Бесплатно
Shatter things, destroy buildings, control the population in the best style of IO.
Envolve your monster and become the Kaiju King
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