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Get the best text writing experience on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch!!

Writebox is a simple and distraction-free text editor for iPhone/iPad. Writebox helps you to concentrate on writing and seamlessly syncs your text writings across all your devices.

Dropbox / Google Drive syncing
- Open and edit all plain-text files on Dropbox and Google Drive

Distraction-free writing
- Customize writing environment (Font size/type/color, Background color Keyboard color)
- Optimized user interface for iPhone and iPad
- Character/Word count with live
- Keyboard extension with LEFT and RIGHT text navigation

Other functions
- Recently opened menu
- Copy text and E-Mail

For seamless sync, you can use Writebox for FREE provided as chrome app and web service for PC, Mac and Linux.
[Chrome App] https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/writebox/bbehjmjchoiaglkeboicbgkpfafcmhij
[Web Service] https://write-box.appspot.com