Top Tank

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Top Tank
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Категория: Игры, Аркады, Боевики 59р. ► Бесплатно
Experience explosive retro arcade action tailored exclusively for the 21st century touch screen! Jump in to your heavily-armored war machine and face off against an army of foes from both land and air. Navigate rolling terrain and lob projectiles at oncoming threats with nothing more than the simple touch of a finger. Do you have what it takes to be TOP TANK?

This just in: Top Tank will be FREE in celebration of 2/28! Also, some guy named Eli Hodapp actually had the hubris to have his birthday on the same day. You should visit his TouchArcade website and tell him how you feel about that.


● One-touch control - Hold to aim, release to fire
● Collect and deploy devastating power-ups
● Eleven achievements to unlock
● Five locales, each featuring unique graphics and original soundtrack
● Battle your friends for high score supremacy on Game Center
● Track your progress through lifetime stats
● No in-app purchases - You get the whole game up-front!