One Tap RPG - Pachinko-like Dungeon Crawler

One Tap RPG - Pachinko-like Dungeon Crawler
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One Tap RPG is a retro style Pachinko-like Dungeon Crawler. Watch your character slash through randomly generated Dungeons, while being controlled only by Pachinko-like physics.
Level up and use powerful spells to slay even more dangerous monsters, collect their gold and enter the Highscores.

Compete in the Daily-Challenge where a fixed set of Monsters and a permanent Dungeon gets created, combined with a special Highscore for each new day.

+ Physics based Pachinko-like gameplay
+ Randomly generated dungeons
+ Daily Challenge Mode with global Highscore
+ Level and spell system
+ Different monsters per dungeon
+ Retro style graphics and sounds

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