Glitch Wizard - Databent GIF Creator

Glitch Wizard - Databent GIF Creator
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*** Featured by Apple, BBC, TUAW, ProductHunt, CreativeApplications and more ***

"Glitch Wizard is the BEST." - Justin Boreta, Glitch Mob

"So fun :)" - Ryan Hoover, Product Hunt Founder

"Safer than throwing your phone into a wall, with way cooler results." - Doctor Popular

So, you want to be a wizard? Glitch Wizard gives you the power to glitch photos, create animated GIFs and share them to multiple social networks.

- Create animated glitches from photos, videos and GIFs and export them to .GIF and .MOV
- Share glitches to Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook, Instagram
- 30 different glitches to apply, organized into 5 packs
- Simple glitching interface that provides visual feedback as you work
- In-app featured Glitches section that showcases the best #glitchwizard art, curated by the Glitch Wizard Team
- Editable animation timeline and adjustable animation settings
- Saves still-frames as well as animations

"Kudos on the sharing options for Glitch Wizard, as it's one of the best models I've ever seen in an app." - Victor Agreda Jr., EIC at

You know you want to be a wizard. Why not start your journey today?

For DMCA and copyright inquiries see:

Props to Yusef Dualeh who let us use his rad rainy Toronto street pic in our preview video.

WARNING: It is possible to use Glitch Wizard to create seizure-inducing animations. Please use with caution.
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