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Категория: Игры, Развлечения, Боевики 169p. ► Бесплатно Оценка пользователей
Try APOC-X Free for +3 additional bonus levels!

- "The flashback outer space nightmare you have been waiting for!" - Classic Game Room, CGRUndertow
- "Perfect fun, real retro!" - C64 j
- "Great value for money!" - SupremeRonin
- "Fun and intense, recommended!" - AmigaFan2

Dual stick top down shooter form outer space!

The game features
- Insane action and 3 game modes!
- ARCADE mode: Nonlinear sandbox like levels! Action, exploration, adventure, secret areas, and puzzles!
- TACTICAL mode: If one marine is not enough, take the lead of four! Real time tactical shooter!
- ARENA mode: Arena, Arena Arena!
- Total 21 levels in the full version +3 bonus levels (available only in the free version)
- 9 weapons, 5 perks, In-App Purchases
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