Новые игры для iPhone и iPad, вышедшие с 02 по 08 октября (часть 1)

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Новые игры для iPhone и iPad, вышедшие с 02 по 08 октября (часть 1)
Предлагаю вашему вниманию очередной дайджест релизов. На этот раз подборка содержит в себе игры для iPhone и iPad релиз которых пришелся на прошлую неделю. Естественно, это не все новинки игр в App Store, а только те, на которые стоит обратить внимание.
Undead Breakout
Категория: Игры, Настольные, Развлечения 75 р.
The world is in chaos. An outbreak has spread across the globe. Some citizens are becoming brain crazy zombies. Will the surviving remnants of humanity be torn apart by the lumbering zombie hordes or will the survivors live to start anew?

In Undead Breakout, you must use the pathways and thoroughfares in the ruins of a resort town, Paris and New York City to move survivors to escape points (indicated by a gold star). Each level provides a variety of challenges in which you have to move the gold survivors around the board like pieces on a game board, avoiding the zombies that will try to overtake the survivors and the spreading infection. Each zombie and each survivor type has different characteristics that impact their movement and movement speed. To aid survivors, some missions incorporate police officers or soldiers who can protect the survivors. The soldiers can create a protected spot by holding zombies back a space. Police officers can be used sacrificially to kill one zombie they encounter although the officer will die in the process. Think strategically to reach each goal and survive the undead masses.


- Board game like setup. Control survivor icons that you move space by space through pathways to a gold star marked escape point.
- Simple controls. Tap an adjacent space to a survivor to move to it or swipe your finger towards the next space to move towards it.
- Enjoy 36 thrilling missions that include stops in a resort town, Paris and New York. The city maps include landmarks and layouts that you might find familiar.
- Avoid zombies who will hunt and attack the survivors. There are 3 types of zombies and each type has a different A.I. for movement.
- There are 3 kinds of survivors who move at different speeds. Be careful, especially, of the mother and child survivors who move very slowly!
- Utilize safe house spaces (indicated by a green house) carefully as zombies can not enter these spaces and an infection will not spread there until a safe house is totally surrounded by infected spaces.
- Fast paced music adds to the intense feeling of each mission. Will the survivors make it or will the dead put an end to humanity?!
Категория: Игры, Аркады, Боевики Бесплатно
INFINIROOM is a unique take on the runner genre - pitting you in a single, constantly changing room.

Play as 4 different characters with individual abilities to overcome and survive the longest you can against various traps and obstacles.
The Pirate: Plague of the Dead
Категория: Игры, Боевики, Стратегии Бесплатно
Возьмите под своё командование пиратский корабль и завоюйте Карибы!

Pirate: Plague of the Dead — это игра жанра «песочница», позволяющая вам почувствовать, что значит быть самым страшным пиратом, который когда-либо поднимал флаг Весёлого Роджера! В роли легендарного пиратского капитана Джека Рэкхема используйте таинственную магию вуду, чтобы воскресить «Летучую шайку». Плечом к плечу историческая банда пиратов встретится с ужасным инквизитором.
Каждый воскрешённый капитан обладает уникальными способностями, которые улучшают характеристики вашего корабля, обеспечивают большим количеством золота, дают преимущества в сражениях и даже позволяют призвать могущественного кракена!
В игре присутствует открытый мир без экранов заставок, динамическая смена дня и ночи, а также погодные эффекты. Игра предоставляет всем игрокам незабываемое приключение.
Plague of the Dead — это новая часть в серии The Pirate, продолжающая ставшую хитом Caribbean Hunt, которая получила великолепное признание игровых масс.

- Пройдите увлекательную кампанию, которая позволит вам разблокировать уникальные корабли и реально существовавших капитанов Золотого века пиратства.
- Полностью открытый мир позволяет исследовать известные и неизведанные воды, где вас ждут враги, острова сокровищ, заставы контрабандистов, города и много чего ещё. И всё это без экранов загрузки.
- Исследуйте Карибское море, захватывайте города, торгуйте, ищите сокровища и спрятанные интересные места.
Loot and Dodge
Категория: Игры, Развлечения, Аркады Бесплатно
Swipe to loot. Swipe to dodge.

FunFair Coin Pusher
Категория: Игры, Казино, Семейные Бесплатно
You're one well-placed coin away from the mega jackpot, finger twitching nervously as you refine your aim.

And BOOM!, she's away. Down through the maze of pegs, down past the drop-zone feature and onto the coin bed, nudging the prize toy ever closer. The pusher moves. Nearly. Nearly... There! Over she comes with a whole slew of other coins, prizes and tokens. One more like that and you unlock the next level.

Play this classic fairground coin game, re-imagined and vastly expanded to become the leading virtual coin pusher machine available on the store. You won't find anything like this in the arcades as they'd go out of business.

Progress through many exciting levels, meeting various challenges along the way as you strive to become the master coin dropper.

Each time you finish a level, there's a new feature, new challenge, new ability, or something fresh to look at. This is the most comprehensive pusher game you will ever see, building on years of experience gained through creating similar titles.


* 20+ gameplay widgets, like the Helter Skelter and Prize Cannon, to discover and upgrade as you progress through the game.

* 400 prizes to collect and/or cash in for greater rewards.

* Daily Bonus gives you fun random stuff each day.

* Cloud Save means you'll never lose progress when upgrading your phone or switching devices.

* Gold coins, jewels, prizes, candy and more in abundance.

* A gorilla with a pink hat. What other game gives you that?!

* A whole load of pure awesome.

Download for free right now and see for yourself...
Raccoon Raiders
Категория: Игры, Приключения, Боевики Бесплатно
Lead a band of renegade raccoons as they battle for scarce resources across a barren galaxy. You can play as one of three characters each with their own style.

You get missions from the mission computer on your ship. As you level up more missions become available to you, with more on the way. You'll want to collect resources that you can use to help you advance in the game.

The collectable resources include:
- Minerals - Used by the Engineer to create striker and rocket ammo.
- Water - Used to fly almost instantly to the next mission.
- Plants - Used to trade with the Star Trader to get upgrades.
- Gems - Can be traded using the store for any of the above resources.

The current missions include:

- First Loot - A tutorial to teach you how to play.
- Space Salvage - An easy mission that allows you to collect water and minerals and get used to the game.
- Freighter - A set of ships that are guarded by the Authority. This is the easiest mission that allows for the collection of plant material.
- Space Marines - This is where the game really begins. You need to go into this one armed with rockets and strikers. Use these scarcely since you'll definitely need to save ammo for the space captain at the end. There's more loot on these harder missions.
- Star Trader - Fly to the Star Trader to cash out plant material for upgrades.
- Hanger Deck - Destroy the Marines' fighters while they rest in their hangers.

If you find a mission too challenging, play easier missions to get plant material to trade for upgrades.

We'll be working on more missions, so keep checking back!

Let us know what you think. If there's something that's too expensive, too easy, or just plain old "could be better" please reach out. We'd love to hear from the raider community!
Категория: Игры, Стратегии, Настольные Бесплатно
XeeWar is an online 2-player turn-based strategy war game where players fight for control over the battlefield by destroying enemy units and capturing bases.

Each player take turns building units, advancing on the battlefield, capturing bases and eventually engaging in combat. Each combat unit has its own strengths and weaknesses, and are affected by the terrain. Use advanced tactics to outsmart your opponent!

XeeWar uses the Elo-rating system (often used in Chess). Your rating changes after each match, based on your opponents rating. Gain enough rating and you will start gaining Ranks and climb the leaderboard!

When you start playing XeeWar you have the rank 'Recruit'. If your rating gets high enough you will recieve a new rank. There are 7 ranks total, with 'General' as the highest rank.

Good luck on the battlefield commander!
Ant Hunt
Категория: Игры, Настольные, Аркады Бесплатно
A special ant hides among other ants.
So many specialized ants to search through while their behavior continuously changes.
Your reflexes and skills of observation will be stressed!

But wait, there is more!

Time is running out, greater distractions like the black spider, capricious flies, agitated aphids, or thieving anteater will thwart your victory.

* Play in story mode and progress through different levels to access new and exiting animals.
* Play with your friends (up to 4 players on the same device) and challenge them to a whole new level of craziness.
* Play the daily challenge and compare your performance to many other players around the world.

This will be a serious challenge for those who want to make all the achievements!

Will you dare to be the great Ant Hunter ?
Kick Ass Commandos
Категория: Игры, Боевики, Аркады 229 р.
Lock and Load! It's time to Kick Ass. Grab your machine-gun, flamethrower, rocket launcher and grenades. Assault the enemy bases and free commandos to join your team while you destroy everything in sight.

The enemy has grown bold in spreading their highly-addictive Krystal Yayo across the global, which is turning everyone into mindless, zombie like hordes. If the enemy is not stopped soon and all the Krystal Yayo destroyed, the world as we know it will be no more. You have been chosen to lead the ultimate mission across the global to rescue your comrades, wipe out all of the enemy's production of Krystal Yayo, and kill everyone else you encounter!

Good luck commando!

Each mission pack has a unique theme including deadly jungles, frozen arctic tundra, and scorching desert wastelands.

Rescue special commandos to add them to your unit which you can use on future missions.

Send your commandos out on missions to earn upgrade points which you can use to customize your commandos to your liking.

Do you love explosions? Awesome, so do we! You can blow up all sorts of stuff on the missions. Want to see what a rocket launcher does to a palm tree or a grenade to tank? The power is in your hands, or should we say weapon?

Tanks, sniper towers, gunboats, snowmobiles, and attack helicopters to name a few. If you can dream it, you can destroy it!

The game is full of tough, badass bosses including:
* The Rocket Brothers who are big ballin’ twin brothers who both wield multi-shot rocket launchers!
* Killer Yeti Warriors who will stop at nothing to eat your heart while it is still beating in your chest.
* Giant, genetically engineered Alligators - need we say more?
* Corpus Natas an evil cult leader who is on a quest for immortality by luring innocents with the addictive Krystal Yayo.
Tazer Run
Категория: Игры, Аркады, Развлечения Бесплатно
Prisoners have escaped from the Central Jail. You only have one weapon: your Tazer & the company of your loyal dog to catch all the baddies and put them back into prison.
Perfect mix of fun, accurate timing and speed tazing with mind-blowing art and amusing soundtrack.

At its core this is game in which you have to use your Tazer to electrify all the baddies who have escaped from the prison. You need to show great timing and aiming skills if you want to master the game and protect the city from the escaped prisoners.

At first you will think this game is easy. However, there are four different villain bosses who will test your courage and skills. Each villain brings different levels of difficulty and makes the game harder.

- Different Cop and Villain characters.
- Endless Side Runner
- HD graphics with unique artwork
- Move and Taze Controls
- Powerful Dog Tazer
- Speed increases as game progresses
- Lot of Achievements
Tazer Run will challenge you to the fullest.
It’s a dynamic, fun and a cool tazing game that can be your favorite new time spender.

Get it free!
Категория: Игры, Аркады Бесплатно
HEXA-GONE is an endless arcade scrolling game and the goal is to keep your finger on the path for as long as possible. The further you get, the faster and narrower the path becomes.

Challenge your friends to beat your score or compete for the top spot globally!
Goon Squad
Категория: Игры, Боевики, Стратегии Бесплатно
"Rise from Goon to Godfather and become the most feared mob boss in Goon Squad™, a fast-paced, card-based, multiplayer brawler. Battle players globally in real-time to conquer an opponent’s headquarters, collecting valuable safes and skulls after each win. Plot a path to climb up the ranks by eliminating increasingly stronger adversaries as you progress through dangerous cities, collecting and upgrading cards along the way to advance your reputation and become the Don of the crime world.

Key Features:

Head-to-Head Brawls– Battle rivals in real-time to take control of an opponent’s headquarters, and win Skulls and Safes, containing rare cards, chips and cash.

Family Business- Become the Godfather by gathering a team of goons to do your dirty work, or join an established squad to gain protection and cash.

Become the Top Brawler– Hone brawl skills in co-op and four-player deathmatch modes, each with its own leaderboard, ranking system and reputation points.

Last Man Standing: Defeat and outlast other players in Rumble Mode, a four-player free-for-all fight to earn coveted trophies

Turf Wars – Progress through perilous areas such as Chinatown, Reno and the Boardwalk to claim special cards and improve your reputation.

Risk it All – Play slots after each battle won, wagering the safe for a chance to win a better prize or the coveted jackpot. Or play 5 reel slots every couple of hours for even more chances to win."

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