Wonder Blade

Wonder Blade
Новое за август 2018
Категория: Игры, Боевики, Развлечения 229 р. Оценка пользователей
OMG! My dear princesses is kidnapped by the evil power! What are you waiting for, huh? Grab your weapon and get on the journey to save your princess and free the world! You’ll be surprised what’s waiting for you :)

Utilizing all the combos and killer moves plus magic tricks you will defeat all the bad guys who got in your way! All the powerful weapons and coolest packages will make you an one of kind adventurer, you can disguise as a ninja hitting your enemies with frozen fish or a lightsaber holding galaxy trooper who likes to kick-ass! It’ll be all you!

Tons of fun-filled levels in game with various challenging bosses waiting for you, from high speed car chase in the thick forest to zombie army marching on the deserted land, mysterious haunted house to fishing competition in the deep ocean, riding dragon that spits fire and fighting side by side with intelligent robot, trust me :) This adventurous setting will give you the thrills and surprises that you’d never had before!

Funny story paired with humorous characters plus awesome combat experiences, you will enjoy an awesome and fun adventure you’d remember for Long Long time!

Question is........
Are you ready for this?!?!


*Interesting and humorous story-line and characters.
*Awesome combo and killer moves, top of the line animation.
*Well and uniquely designed settings and various of way of playing.
*Challenging Bosses and enemies.
*Fun riding system.
*Collectible clothing and accessories.
*Various weapon selections by looks and features.
*And more! You’ll have to find out yourself, good luck fellow adventurer.


Developer’s note:
Wonder Blade spent years working this game independently in hope we will be able to bring you memorable fun time, we as Wonder Blade will provide constant updates and continue to do so in the future, we’d like to thank all the players and to all the supports I got from our team, our family and our friends! It is “you” who made our dream come true!
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