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RARE BREED RHYTHM-RPG: Experience a mix of rhythm game and RPG unlike any other! Master your songs and get in action to bring back lost harmony to your once shimmering homeland.

BUILT FOR TOUCH: Valz features a set of familiar yet engaging input gestures with an intuitive touch interface.

ON YOUR CUE: Just with a flick of your fingertip, dynamically change your song arrangement to switch battle stance in order to tame your wildest audience a.k.a monsters.

PLAY YOUR STYLE: Play your favorites, explore new songs, or even pick a random one, you name it! Every song is capable of purifying even the most discorded instrument. One thing for sure -- play it your heart's content!

UNRAVEL THE STORY: Find out events of past, solve problems of present and pave Lagu of future, you are the hero after all!

CHILLAX AND CHAT: Converse, gossip and interact with townspeople to know them better. Gather ally and information to aid you in your adventure of saving the world.

UNIVERSAL APP: Play on iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch with save data stored via iCloud.
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