Special Commando Squad -

Special Commando Squad -
Новое за апрель 2018
Категория: Игры, Приключения, Боевики 229 р. Оценка пользователей
Lead your metal brigade of heroes to a war battalions against Tetracorp corporation team squad in this tactical shooter Special Commando Squad - Anti Terrorist Mission 3D blazing commando black sniper in a rescue mission to secure kidnaped girls. Build your frontline killbox combat strategy in the battlefield criminal attack data stolen and kill your enemy mafia squad from all sides as an Anti-Crime Squad. IGI face limitless ops action in the conflicts tournaments rules survive commando in the enemy camps for a limited battle mode. Take your super bravo squad modern weapons framed for murder from a killing and level up your soldier’s rescue game with unique shooter agent skills to kill feg gang & coward gangsters. Do you accept secret soldier in city duty rules the call duty challenge from black criminals? Deadly TETRACORP Kidnapers assassin is occupying several areas over the planet suppressing d day the villages & war of army taking duty over their medal of honor killing and planning the attack on the nation and have every mission planning in their laptop and controlling every single call of agent’s cover communication soldier game. Combat Special Squad border project. Project Wednesday is a fast-paced Tactical First Person Shooter world border war like you have never seen before! 

Special Commando Squad - Anti Terrorist Mission 3D is equipped with modern weapons including Sniper special mission forces for extreme gun shooting to end the era of counter terrorism smart game in fast paced 2gun FPS shooting pistol game. Be brave against kidnappers fighting reaper, ruthless criminal who sneak into bank security Schedule against terrorist. By Hacking in system terminal before security guards extreme combat shooting begins bullet attack deadly squad. You don’t have other soldiers for helping the hostage advance cs go technologies you have to kill your enemies in war game before your best unique conflicts murderer weapons ends. Commando Victory Battle unique counter sniper tactical enemies means more killing chances to survive war into the army war area. You are trained Victor commando in such environment. You have taken airforce Commando SSG training from existent enemy Force.
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