Space Run: Escape Velocity

Space Run: Escape Velocity
Новое за август 2018
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Race to Survive on Planets.

Space Run: Escape Velocity will take you to an epic cosmic adventure. Start your space-race, collect points, travel through black holes and asteroid belts for a big score. Are you up for an intergalactic mission to reach the ends of the multiverse?

Orbit each planet on your way and collect points for a high score. You will always have an advantage of black holes for bonus points. But beware as Asteroids can appear anytime making your run a bit hard. Dodge and avoid hitting asteroids to get further into the galaxy full of planets.


Light Year Achievements

<1000 : Okay, you opened the app but forgot to tap on screen
1001 - 4000 : You passed the training but please carry more fuel!
4001 - 10000 : Congrats on leaving the Solar system. You are now an interstellar pilot!
10000+ : Congrats on reaching Andromeda. You're now level Intergalactic!
20000+ : You have flown farther than any man! President's bravery medal guaranteed!
40000+ : You have broken all records including your own. You're legendary!


How to Play?
Tap and hold to stick to a planet.
Raise your thumb to switch to next planet.
Collect every points on your path
Steer the pod in black hole to collect bonus points
Steer and dodge the pod to save it from asteroids.
Travel light years for a big score.

Space Run: Escape Velocity is developed by some sci-fi freaks at Totality Corp. Follow us on our social channels to learn about upcoming physics bending games.

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