Luna Strange

Luna Strange
Новое за май 2019
Категория: Игры, Приключения, Головоломки 75 р Оценка пользователей
Enter the mystical world of Luna Strange in this episodic game. Find and solve intricate mechanical and magical tasks, take on hidden object challenges and solve magical puzzles today!

You are Luna Strange. A young female wizard empowered by ancient, cosmic magic. You live a normal life - but sometimes you will be called upon to help with a magical issue, today is one of those days. You must take on the quest of solving the mystery of a friend’s disappearance.

An apartment has been locked up in a magic mess and the tenant has disappeared in there. For what reason is unclear… your job is to solve the challenges and magic tricks that locked up the apartment and free the poor soul that is trapped in there. Your first mission is to get the magical book that has been locked away with magic spells.


- Stunning 3D graphics with high level of details
- Beautiful design with fresh and intuitive navigation
- Challenging puzzles with a skip token system
- Immersive sound
- Wide range of puzzles and challenges to solve
- Engaging, magical story
- Easy to learn, addictive gameplay
- Premium experience for free - without disturbing ads

About Fantastic, yes
Fantastic, yes is an indie game studio based out of Copenhagen, Denmark
Find out more at

Compatible with iPhone 6/iPad Air 2 or newer devices
If you need help or have any questions please send us a message at
Мобильный геймер
0 + -
14.05.2019 в 13:36
Ого, выглядит не хуже The Room! Стало быть ждём русификации и выхода остальных эпизодов, чтобы взять полную версию
Brightside 3125
0 + -
14.05.2019 в 14:07
Мобильный геймер, а не проще взять сейчас? Возможно, когда появятся остальные эпизоды, то цена повысится. И вроде Returner 77 так и не перевели
Мобильный геймер
0 + -
14.05.2019 в 18:18
Brightside, нет, не проще. Моя позиция - платить только за локализованный софт. Я охотно оплачу более высокую цену, но лишь за игру с качественным переводом (как 3 и 4 части уже упомянутого The Room например).
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