Heroine Anthem Zero

Heroine Anthem Zero
Новое за май 2019
Категория: Игры, Приключения, Музыка 229 р Оценка пользователей
The first episode of an original fantasy epic adventure, Heroine Anthem Zero features a stunningly emotional soundtrack, and intricate illustrations. Experience a story of sacrifice and survival in a harsh world unforgiven by its god. Heroine Anthem Zero is a retro 2D side-scrolling game with intuitive controls, supporting 7 languages with dramatic voiceovers in Japanese.
Come join us in exploring a fantasy world years in the making!

■An epic fantasy of musical proportions
Depart on your adventure to the backdrop of an amazing soundtrack -- the joint effort of famous Japanese and Taiwanese composers, and artists. With intricate CG art in the background, dive into an adventure like you’ve never done before.

■Nimble Platformer Controls :
Learn to double-jump, dash, dash jump and combo into weapon skills as you progress in the game. Use your companion to stun your enemies, avoid deadly traps, and explore the stages for treasures galore.

■Weapon and equipment system :
Weapons each have their own unique weapon skills. Armor change your character’s appearance as well as provide protection, and items give invaluable support in the heat of battle.

■Handheld fun in your palms :
Enjoy fast-paced and intuitive side-scrolling fun, and turn your phone into a handheld machine.

■Voiced in Japanese with Multi-lingual subtitle support
Switch between English, German, French, Japanese, Korean and Chinese at any time.

■Game Difficulty Customization:
Players can choose the difficulty they prefer to adventure in:
2 difficulties are available:
RELAX mode (enjoy our story!)
STANDARD mode (for those who enjoy a challenge)

■Controls & UI Adjustment :
Adjust size and position to your preferences for the perfect smartphone experience.
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