Astrokids Universe. Space

Astrokids Universe. Space
Новое за август 2018
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The Astrokids invite you to explore Space. Learn and have fun discovering the solar system, drawing shapes with the stars or solving astronomy puzzles designed for kids. Become an Astronaut and carry out missions piloting space ships!


Have fun learning about simple concepts like the stars, planets, the solar system, the phases of the Moon or the constellations. The Astrokids will ensure that your first contact with Astronomy is unforgettable.


Are you ready to be an Astrokid? Show your skills by capturing aliens, discovering planets with your telescope or piloting your own space rocket to the Moon. Can you imagine it? You’ll make it happen!


- Discover how man explores space.
- Pretend you’re an astronaut and pilot space vehicles.
- Repair the spacecraft in zero gravity!
- Have fun finding aliens and destroying threats, such as asteroids and space junk.
- Includes 8 puzzles to learn about the universe and stimulate memory, logical thinking and concentration.
- Includes 8 fun games where you have to demonstrate your skill in space missions.


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