Новые игры для iPhone и iPad, вышедшие с 25 сентября по 01 октября (часть 1)

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Новые игры для iPhone и iPad, вышедшие с 25 сентября по 01 октября (часть 1)
Предлагаю вашему вниманию очередной дайджест релизов. На этот раз подборка содержит в себе игры для iPhone и iPad релиз которых пришелся на прошлую неделю. Естественно, это не все новинки игр в App Store, а только те, на которые стоит обратить внимание.
Категория: Игры, Аркады Бесплатно
Jelly Crusher is all new arcade puzzle pop game inspired by the vibrantly cool jelly candies, sweets and deserts. The goal in this cute yet ultra-challenging game however is to destroy and crush the jellies as fast as possible. Remember, sweets can be crashed faster with precision, great decision making and using the right weapons to powerfully crush the delicious jelly candy. Start the game and become the ultimate Jelly Crusher.

You are controlling an arrow with different strength and length power (tap and move to roll around or swipe with different length to release). The angle also differs as well as the weapons. Don’t be surprised if you get powerful rockets to pop the jelly shapes. Try to do your best so you can get the most coins each level. We guarantee you will feel real excitement every time the jelly bubble pops and you crush it with your weapon!

While you complete your missions and destroying cool looking jelly characters you will get coins for each finished level. Use the coins wisely to purchase weapons that will help you dominate this pop puzzle crush. These game helpers come in form of boomerangs, thunders, bubbles, bouncy etc. Take care of weapons because in many cases they can be your only hope against time and item limit! Each shot matters so always try to be precise in this jelly bubble crush pop puzzler.

Jelly Crusher features:
- levels with different missions
- original gameplay
- vibrant cool graphics
- lively and bubbly jelly movements when the jelly are exploding
- exquisite sound effects
- multiple weapons available to purchase
- impressive jelly opponent characters
- takes the bubble pop genre to another level with a cool twist
Hop into an unforgettable journey through the sweet land.
Get Jelly Crusher for FREE!
Категория: Игры, Аркады, Приключения Бесплатно
Boundland is a fun drag-and-release game where you navigate your multi-shaped character through lots of dark levels and scary boss fights.

Drag, aim and release to move your character. Watch out for red sharp spikes and evil bosses as your goal is to collect the colorful gems and finish each level by catching the star.

Boundland features:
• Build your own character by selecting a shape, eye and color.
• Navigate through 50 levels and battle 5 bosses
• Endless arcade mode with a ton of quests
Fly Fishing 3D II
Категория: Игры, Спорт, Спорт Бесплатно
The sequel of 'Fly Fishing 3D'! The fly fishing game that exceeded 4 million DL!

Experience our new fly fishing game with overwhelmingly evolved 3D graphics!!
Also, it became more exciting by adding new elements: Underwater camera, new actions, fight scene, and competing with NPCs!

*Extremely beautiful 3D fishing fields
The beautiful 3D fields has evolved overwhelmingly from the previous title!
It has 3 areas and 24 fishing points such as mountain streams and lakes.

*Camera works that can feel the flowing fly!
Thanks to underwater camera, you will be able to see the state of flowing fly
and able to appeal the fish that you're aiming.

*Fly action upgraded!
Now, fly actions can be easily performed by just pressing action buttons!
Let's appeal to big fish with several actions set in each fly!

*Reborned fight systems
We've combined the intuitive opereation using button during the fight!
Operate the rod intuitively according to the big fish's movement and reel the line in best timing!

*Exciting showdown with rivals
You can enjoy the showdown with rivals!
Find and catch the big fish before them!

*Fulfilling game modes
Tournaments: Compete and compare your fishing results against worldwide players!
Missions: Challenge all 144 levels within the time limits!
Free Fishing: You can enjoy fishing in your field and conditions (you can set rain and water temperature too)!

*Recommend Device
iOS: 8 or later
Memory: 1GB or more
Messy Paths
Категория: Игры, Головоломки, Аркады Бесплатно
Welcome to the latest addictive puzzle arcade game. Put your reflexes and concentration to the test in the mad world of Messy Paths.

Tap the switches at the crossroads to change the direction of the balls in order to make like-colored balls collide. Avoid collisions between balls of different colors. Defeat all 15 evil enforces of Doukan and obtain the Ring of Power in this original, addictive, and fast-paced puzzle arcade game. Colliding colored balls has never been more fun!

Messy Paths is completely free. It contains in-app purchases and rewarded ads that are totally optional.

You have been selected by The Grand Supreme Magistrate's Majesty to save the universe. But things are never as they seem. Discover the magical world of Messy Paths and part of the outer world. Defeat all 15 evil enforces of Doukan and obtain the Ring of Power.

• Free. Contains rewarded ads and in-app purchases that are completely optional.
• Unique gameplay mechanics.
• Over 200 levels. Game progression from easy to really challenging.
• 15 game environments and 15 enemies each with its own special power.
• Graphics and music by freelance artists.
• Many types of switches and other mechanics such as the teleporter.
• Balls with special powers.
• Charms with different bonuses. Choose one per level.
• Accompanied by a crazy story where you must save the world yet again.
• Achievements and high scores for Apple Game Center and Google Play.
• No Wi-Fi or internet connection required to play.
• King-sized explosions and effects.
• Available in English and Spanish.

Messy Paths was developed by Nurium Games, an independent European company.

Find out more at Nurium Games:

Ticket to Ride: First Journey
Категория: Игры, Настольные, Семейные 149 р.
***A fantastic new direction for a hugely popular series of games.*** -The Gaming Review
***The answer to a lot of parents' dreams.*** -Daily Worker Placement


Ticket to Ride First Journey takes the gameplay of the Ticket to Ride series and scales it downs for a younger audience. Very simple and family-friendly, Ticket to Ride First Journey includes both USA and European maps.


Collect train cards, claim routes on the map and try to connect the cities shown on tickets. Each player starts with four colored train cards and two tickets. Each ticket shows two cities, and the aim is to connect those two cities with a contiguous path of your trains in order to complete the ticket.
On a turn, you either draw two train cards from the deck or discard train cards of matching color to claim a route between two cities. Once you complete a route, you will be given a new one. The first player to complete the six tickets wins. It takes a little risk but it's lots of fun!


Have fun through original illustrations and funny animations once you connect the cities. Learn more about the different cities and their iconic monuments.
Share this adventure until 4 players on the same device thanks to the pass and play mode. If you want to play in solo, you can just play versus the AI.


Receive a golden ticket when winning the game and add your reward picture to your collection. In this digital adaptation, challenge yourself against the AI or play with your friends, thanks to the pass and play mode! With its easy rules, beautiful animations and illustrations, it is an ideal game for the whole family when they are ready for an adventure!

- Family friendly game play
- Solo mode
- Pass & Play mode to play on the same device with family and friends (4 players max)
- Unlock rewards and build your collection of city pictures
- Rediscover the classic Ticket to Ride gameplay based on the board game

Languages available: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and You Tube!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/asmodeedigital/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/asmodeedigital
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/asmodeedigital/
You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/asmodeedigital

Having an issue? Looking for support? Please contact us support@asmodee.mail.helpshift.com
Modern Combat Versus
Категория: Игры, Боевики, Приключения Бесплатно
Сражайтесь в яростных, динамичных боях, определяющих новую эру мобильных шутеров.

Выберите своего Агента, овладейте его навыками и вместе с товарищами разгромите команду противника! От неистовых штурмовиков до альтруистов-защитников и хитрых шпионов: любой сможет выбрать себе Агента по вкусу!

• Участвуйте в сетевых сражениях 4 на 4 за контроль над центральной зоной.

• Выберите одного из 12 Агентов, каждый из которых обладает уникальными навыками и оружием.

• Сражайтесь на 5 картах, на которых есть место как для ближнего, так и для дальнего боя.

• Продвигайтесь по лигам и получайте престижные награды.

• Погрузитесь в игру со старта благодаря удобному интуитивному управлению.

• Графика уровня стационарных консолей позволит получить от игры эстетическое наслаждение.


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Средиземье: Тени войны
Категория: Игры, Боевики, Ролевые игры Бесплатно
Желая свергнуть Саурона и навеки занять его место, но уже как Светлый Властелин, а не Темный, Келебримбор выковал новое Кольцо власти. Вместе с ним он выковал несколько младших Колец, которые связаны с судьбой главного Кольца и созывают великих героев со всего Средиземья. Возглавьте армию и сокрушите полчища Саурона!

Продолжите путь Талиона по Мордору, сражаясь в реальном времени, и обратите армии Саурона против него самого с помощью известных персонажей Средиземья и вашей личной армии орков.

- Собирайте и улучшайте возможности культовых персонажей «Теней войны» и «Властелина Колец», таких как Талион, Гэндальф, Голлум и Галадриэль, которые подчиняются новым Кольцам власти.

- Сражайтесь во враждебных областях Мордора.
- В реальном времени меняйте тактику своего войска и проводите мощные специальные приемы в подходящий момент.

- Подчиняйте себе своих заклятых врагов-орков или оставляйте за собой кровавый след. Благодаря знаменитой системе заклятых врагов каждый встреченный орк запоминает ваши решения, поэтому каждого игрока ждет уникальная игра.

- Стройте стратегии вместе с друзьями и просите/делитесь улучшениями, которые помогут в пути.
Swords of Immortals
Категория: Игры, Ролевые игры, Боевики Бесплатно
[Game Introduction]
The brand new 3D MMORPG martial arts themed game Swords of Immortals is heating up! In addition to a rich story environment, various dungeons as well as cross-server battles and thrilling 1v1 Combat. You don’t have to adventure alone, because we have dungeons and quests specifically designed for couples in our marriage system.
Use your sword as transportation as you use it to fly freely and enjoy the vivid landscapes. Stop off in our dungeons to search for rare loot and ultimate equipment. Unique attire can be obtained which can not only make you more fashionable, but also provide a great power boost. Your immortal legend starts now!
1. Variety of dungeons: epic equipment loot
In Swords of Immortals, all items can be obtained by killing monsters or bosses. Whether in dungeons or on wild maps, you will still have a chance to get rare items and equipment.

2. Multiple combat modes: conquer the immortal world
There are many ways to demonstrate your power, including Huashan Duel, Team Dungeon, Guild War, Faction Battlefield and 1v1. It’s time to show who is the greatest hero!

3. Upgrade system: power enhancement
There are plentiful materials for boosting equipment throughout solo dungeons or auto-combat. So prepare to boost equipment and gain more power to approach immortal status. There are 8 powerful heirlooms awaiting your discovery. Meeting the requirements to obtain them brings more power and unlocks mighty skills. Equipment can also be socketed with gems to further boost your potential. In this world of immortality, power is the most valuable currency.

4. Aides and mounts: loyal allies have your back
Impressive mounts and adorable aides are available to assist you. These loyal companions will stick by your side throughout your adventures no matter what happens! Reaching higher levels means your aide will also become more powerful and can even obtain her own ride, gear and plume. Enlist your favorite aide to forge your destiny together!
Reflex Unit AR
Категория: Игры, Аркады, Развлечения 299 р.
The year is 2035 and Tokyo has been overrun by an unknown force. Communications with the rest of Japan and the world are down. With the Tokyo Police and Japan Self Defence Force (JSDF) destroyed in the first few hours of the invasion, it is up to you as the rookie pilot of an experimental variable mech to fight back the invading forces...

- ARKIT powered Augmented Reality.
- 7 stage campaign story mode.
- 4 stage multiplayer death match.
- Endless Mode - complete Story mode to unlock!
- 4 player Multiplayer.
- Voice chat for multiplayer.

Supported Devices (requires iOS 11):
iPhone 6s and 6s Plus
iPhone 7 and 7 Plus
iPhone SE
iPad Pro (9.7, 10.5 or 12.9) – both first-gen and 2nd-gen
iPad (2017)
iPhone 8 and 8 Plus
iPhone X

REFLEX UNIT (non AR version) also available for non AR-capable iOS devices here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/reflex-unit/id1121898612?mt=8
Категория: Игры, Боевики, Развлечения 599 р.

The first console-quality smartphone shooter! Glide with silky smooth controls through a sea of bullets!
SLASH THROUGH THE BULLET RAIN in this gripping vertical arcade-style bullet hell shooting game!


Cut through the enemy's bullet nets with Bombs at the flick of your finger.
Dodge your way through 5 gripping shooter stages!
More bullets means more points!
Cancel enemy attacks with your bomb to earn high scores, and recharge it rapidly
to blow away the next group of enemies.
Don't dodge, bomb! The key to survival is at the tip of your fingers!

Push through the enemy hordes with 3 lives per level, and a maximum of 3 regenerating auto-bombs!
Charge your Auto-Bomb to have it protect you if you get hit by enemy bullets.
Strategize your way through each stage while polishing your high score!

Wind your way through the clouds of bullets with just one finger! Shoot down the incoming enemy squadrons!
Enjoy arcade and console-level shooter gameplay in the palm of your hand!
All you have to do to control your ship is swipe on the screen, or tap with two fingers to bombs away!

A powerful cast of Japanese voice actors lends their talents to Aka & Blue, making each
stage that much more exciting!


 Shunsuke Takeuchi

 Kanade Koshino

 Hiroo Sasaki

 Wataru Komada

Rock out with your butt out to the hard-rocking sounds of game musician WASi303.
Ikedaminorock, General Manager of the Mikado Arcade, also lends his sharp guitar talents to
the soundtrack to add a frenetic and powerful shred to the bullet hell action.

Have fun propelling yourself through these 5 challenging stages! Fight your way through to the ending!

Oh and have a nice flight!


[IMPORTANT] Please read before purchasing.

OS: iOS9.0 and up
iPhone 5S(*), iPad mini 2(*), iPad Air(*),
iPhone 6, iPhone 6Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6SPlus,
iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 7Plus,
iPad Pro(Second Generation), iPad Pro, iPad Air 2,
iPad(Fifth Generation), iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4
iPod touch(Sixth Generation) only

Please be aware that we cannot guarantee application performance for devices other than
those listed above.
(Application also does not support OS versions earlier than iOS 9.0 on devices above)

*iPhone 5S, iPad mini 2, and iPad Air can choose from Low and High Quality Settings.
Other devices can also choose from Low, Medium and High Quality Settings,
however note that the Medium setting is set as default as it helps prevent the chip-set
from heating up. Shifting the game's Quality Seting to High will give you access to
better graphics resolution.

This game runs at 60fps to ensure smooth performance.
Battery consumption is higher than other applications, so please avoid playing
in the event of major disasters or emergencies.


Powered by "CRI ADX2 (TM) LE".
CRIWARE is a trademark of CRI Middleware Co., Ltd.
Stickman Sword Fighting 3D
Категория: Игры, Приключения, Боевики Бесплатно
You are a 3D stickman warrior! Fight and kill hordes of enemy stickmen in the 4 ages of stick history, so that legends will be told about your sword killing skills. A true fighter and his sword are as one, so we made the controls extra awesome!

"Men love peace, Stickmen love War"

◘ Fully 3D backgrounds, sword weapons and stickmen
◘ 4 Ages: Mythical, Modern, Sci-Fi and Post-Apoc
◘ Fight tons of different enemy warriors
◘ Realistic ragdoll physics ( enabled on fast devices only to improve performance)
◘ Easy controls for running and killing
◘ Upgrade your character armor and sword, gain abilities as you progress, and become a one man army
◘ Explosions, death, blood and killing!

Force Escape
Категория: Игры, Боевики, Аркады Бесплатно
In Force Escape, you must escape the planet and survive the obstacles placed in your path. Use your force powers to clear the way for your fleeing shuttle!


◉ A beautiful minimalist design and physics based game-play.

◉ 50 challenging and unique levels to beat.

◉ Competitive game-play: Try to beat your friend's top score with Game Center, or be the first to beat all 50 levels and prove you're the master!

◉ Mesmerizing music keeps you focused

◉ Free download (with in app purchase for removing ads).

Easy to learn and difficult master. Download Force Escape today and begin one of the most challenging and addicting games of 2017!

How to play:

Playing Force Escape is simple. Touch anywhere on the screen and drag to move your force power ring. Knock obstacles out of the way of your shuttle to avoid being
destroyed as you escape the planet!
Book It Runner
Категория: Игры Бесплатно
Welcome to the never ending enchanted library!
Run, jump, and glide your way through the dangers of the enchanted library.
Watch out for pitfalls, spikes, flames, and moving platforms.
Collect pages as you go to unlock other books.
Book it!

- Simple one tap controls
- Endless level that gets progressively more difficult
- High score leaderboard
- Game Center achievements
- New characters to unlock
Mu Jiang
Категория: Игры, Настольные, Музыка Бесплатно
«Mu Jiang» - это мирная головоломка. Это бесплатная, но качественная, оригинальная и уникальная.
Простой геймплей: соедините все леса вместе. Это займет много времени.

«Mu Jiang» - это китайское слово. Это означает: плотник. «Mu Jiang» подобен плотницким работам. Это добросовестная работа. Закончите это своим сердцем, чтобы получить удовольствие.

300 уровней в каждом мире. Вы можете разблокировать больше.

"Mu Jiang" is a peaceful puzzle.It is free, but high-quality, original, and unique.
Simple gameplay: link all woods together.It will take you lots of time.

"Mu Jiang" is a Chinese word. It means: carpenter. "Mu Jiang" is like carpentry. It is a conscientious work. Finish it by your heart to get fun.

300 levels in each world. You can unlock more.

Присоединяйтесь к нам во Вконтакте, Telegram, Facebook или Twitter.

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Модерн комбат вроде норм
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NEWiGames, в принципе неплохо, но ожидал все равно хоть какую-нибудь кампанию в одиночке.
Sword 2555
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mymba, ожидать что-то от Gameloft? Ахаха.
Херня, а не игра, этот ваш модерн комбат.
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Скажите, пожалуйста, куда делся список желаний в ios 11 &(
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Влад, убрали его. Потом вернут и будет инновация!
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Sword, ну до этого же что-то было)
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