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Designed by Olympic athletes. No sign in required. iAnalyze allows in-depth video analysis of sports video clips. Includes:
*Record at 30, 60, and 120 fps
*Create videos with audio commentary, drawing, and slow-motion
*Import video from your device’s Camera Roll and iCloud Drive
*Import any frame rate video and watch frame by frame. *Draggable angle tool, stopwatch tool, shape drawing tools, *Side by side video comparisons, slow motion,
*Ghosting for overlay of two videos with transparency
*Precise scrubbing
* A velocity tool to report m/s over a known distance in meters.
*Filter video clips by date.
*Quickly share video clips to text message, email, FaceBook, etc.
*Back up/ import within the app using iCloud Drive to make your video clips available across all your devices, including your Mac.
*Copies of your clips are also saved to your camera roll for your convenience as well as within the app.
*Also supports File Sharing from iTunes, to allow import of video clips from your PC.

When installing the app for the first time you will be asked permission for the app to access the camera, microphone, and photos. Choose “Allow” or else the app will not be able to open to record video and sound with the app and it will not be able to save videos to your camera roll. If you already blocked access, go to the Setting App.
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