Tank Operations: European Campaign

Tank Operations: European Campaign
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Tank Operations: European Campaign is a turn-based, tactical wargame featuring a dozen nail-biting historical scenarios set on the diverse battlefields of World War II. With more than 50 faithfully-rendered, authentic military combat units, along with sabotage options and the need to manage your supply chain, the game will keep armchair generals occupied for hours in realistic combat scenarios.

Battle scenarios range from the landing of Allied troops in northwestern Africa to the invasion of Southern Italy, and wrap with the liberation of Paris and the final battle in Berlin.

Key Features:
- Engaging and intense turn-based gameplay, feel the weight of the war on your shoulders as the AI reacts to your every move on the battlefield
- A dozen historical scenarios to challenge your combat acumen
- 50+ authentic combat and support units, based on real-world tanks, planes and infantry
- Destroy bridges, Capture buildings or Jam Weapons with 10+ special skills,
- Supply Chain Management is key - make sure your forces are well armed and well fuelled for battle
- Sabotage options allow you to covertly break the enemy’s supply chain, disrupting their well-laid combat plans
- Optimized and intuitive iPad touch controls
- No In-App-Purchases, no ads!


Unfortunately problems can show up with a title like Tank Operations. In the current version two major issues may appear, which will be mentioned here:

1. Destroying all enemy units can crash the game. As long as it’s not required for achieving the mission goals, we recommend not to defeat all enemy units.
2. Capturing buildings with the saboteur can crash the game. We would like to ask you not to use this ability for now. If a building should be captured for achieving a mission goal, it can be destroyed instead.

We apologize for this inconvenience. Both issues will be fixed with the next update.

Here are some hints for conquering cities:
- All parts of a city have to be captured before a city changes its owner. If only one single part is still held by the other party, the enemy remains owner of the city.
- To capture a city part, move one of your units to it and stay there for at least one round. Normally this means until the end of the enemies turn. Does the unit still hold that city part afterwards, you will capture it. After that, you can move your unit elsewhere.
- To get an overview who is owner of a city part or the whole city, switch to the tactical view. The flag of the small house icon indicates who owns the city part, the flag of the bigger house icon indicates the owner of the whole city.
- The process is the same vice versa, if the enemy tries to conquer a city.

We do our best to finish and release the update as soon as possible. There is no exact date, yet. Until then, we would like to ask for your patience.

If you have any questions or problems please send us an email: support@headupgames.com
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