Mechanosaur Hijacks the Moon

Mechanosaur Hijacks the Moon
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Mechanosaur Hijacks the Moon is a funny challenging score-chasing one-touch endless game! Easy to learn, hard to master!

For millenniums, the dinosaurs fought the evil Asteroidians across the galaxy. As they thought them defeated, the Asteroidians came back and pulverized a dinosaurs colony located on a remote planet, Earth!

The mighty Mechanosaur has to slip in his super-dino costume, jump in his time machine and reverse the situation!

This game is supported by ads, which can be disabled through a one-time IAP.

How to play:
- Touch the screen to turn around the Earth faster.
- Use the moon's gravity to pull asteroids toward it and smash them!

Main Features:
- One-touch gameplay (bidirectional controls optional)
- Unlock and battle new Asteroidians as you progress
- Discover new meanings of life hidden inside the Earth
- Unlock and learn to use new power-ups
- Evolve new creatures on high scores or meet the random insults generator otherwise!
- Game Center leaderboards and achievements
- Learn about the Asteroidians from the museum
- Awesome original soundtrack
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