Viking Village: RTS

Viking Village: RTS
Новое за октябрь 2017
Категория: Игры, Стратегии, Боевики 299 р. Оценка пользователей
Viking Village is a real-time strategy/base defense hybrid game where you take control of a small village and defend it from evil knights for 10 days and nights. Collect resources, build archer towers at strategic positions and control melee Viking warriors to successfully defend against 10 waves of enemies. Villagers are AI controlled to let you focus on base building and combat.

There are three modes available:
- Survive 10 days: Classic game mode which can be played within 15 minutes.
- Infinite: Survive as many days as possible. Enemies become stronger each night.
- Peaceful: No enemies. Just build a peaceful village.

- Train Villagers and Warriors
- Build houses
- Collect food, wood and stone resources
- Build Archer Towers
- Take control of deers and attack enemies with them as a last resort!
- Pirate camps: Defeat pirates to get resources
- Survive 10 days and nights successfully
- Play in traditional top down view or control a warrior in 3rd person mode
- Beautiful graphics
- Day/Night system

There are more awesome features on the way! If you have suggestions, please leave a comment and we'll definitely consider it!
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12.10.2017 в 21:52
Кто нибудь уже пробовал?
Как игруля ?
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