Thor : War of Tapnarok

Thor : War of Tapnarok
Новое за январь 2019
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After the great Norse war have settled, The evil god has taken over ancient Crystal Staff and intends to bring war upon the land.. Using the staff he opened the portals to all the realms and released all kinds of ugly monsters. They are now at the gates and Tapnarok is almost upon us.

It is your duty as son of god, king and the true ruler of all the nine realms to defend your home from the invasion.

Amazed by the might of god of thunder as he fights countless monsters with the help of his trusted allies.



* Simple and exciting Tap tap gameplay mechanic!
* Unique ability to snipe for the enemy’s weakness
* Unlock Allies and use their skills to defend the land
* Upgrade and Evolve Allies to realise their potential
* Use Your Power-Ups for explosive gameplay
* Summon 37 most powerful Treasures in the world
* Explore the beautiful and wondrous Nine Realms
* Engage in a compelling storyline and flashy graphics

The fate of the World is in your hands! So dust off that ol’ Hammer, Tighten your Jockstrap, Wear your leather man-skirt and defend the realms at all cost!


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