The Thief of Wishes

The Thief of Wishes
Новое за март 2018
Категория: Книги, Игры, Семейные 229 р. Оценка пользователей
The Thief of Wishes is an interactive book which will take you again into a fairy tale world - where "…and they lived happily ever after" is only one of many possible endings and nothing is as simple as it looks.

The gameplay is focused on traveling between two different worlds (a lovely old town and it's nightmare version) and choosing one of available actions/questions to make the story progress.

The main protagonist of the app is a brave and book loving girl - Catharine. Her goal is to defend the dream distorted by a mysterious monster, save the villagers, and reveal the secret of the magic Fountain.

The application develops creative thinking, reading skills, and explores themes such as fulfillment or giving up dreams, giving parents a convenient tool for discussing them with their kids.

- Atmosphere of traditional fairy tales
- Journey through two different worlds
- More than 40 beautiful pages
- Alternative dialogue options and endings
- Original music
- Logic mini-games (more soon)

Languages: English, Polish (more soon)
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