Новое за апрель 2017
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Be challenged by its complex simplicity.
An indie game made with care!

This is the deal: A dot is always hunting the other dots on the screen.
You need to tap the screen when they touch each other and you get points for that.
If you tap when the centers are matched, then WOW, you get DOUBLE points.

Simple right?
Now try to score as many points as you can.

The mechanic, combined with a relaxing music and color changing, will keep you entreteined for hours.

This game doesn´t have long tutorials and complex instructions, it goes straight to the point. And you don't need to pay anything and it doesn't require internet connection.

Taptastico is the first game created and developed by Palta Studio from Chile, Brazil and Ecuador.

Our objective is to make games that people wants to play because they are having fun.

- Free to play
- Three dots
- A relaxing music
- No internet required
- Beautiful colors combinations
- Match the center of the dots to get double points
- No tutorials and introductions, it goes straight to the point

for the locale: English (United States) – en-US
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