Новое за май 2017
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Are you ready, bro? Let’s get tapping!

We live for the gym, but what do we do when we’re not at the gym? We #tapgym!
Smash through push ups, lifts, lunges, sit ups, and so much more…

Do you have the muscle to reach #berserkmode and be the toughest bro alive?

- Each set is a 5-8 second exercise. Tap and swipe to crush your reps before the timer runs out.
- Own the leaderboards by destroying the highscore.
- Unlock new exercises by completing more sets.
- Survive in #berserkmode to prove your true strength.
- Grab a Protein Shake or Energy Bar when you need a Boost.
- Share your epic #fails and Highest Scores with all your friends on all your favorite online platforms.
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