Survival Barren Roads

Survival Barren Roads
Новое за июнь 2018
Категория: Игры, Развлечения, Приключения Бесплатно Оценка пользователей
Barren Roads is an online 3D multiplayer survival game. The best free survival game set in an Apocalyptic world. Unable to cope with man's most powerful weapons has the left the world barren with few survivors vying for a a better life.

Build a massive base and fight off other players. Or defend them with friends.

Drive over 30 apocalyptic styled vehicles.

Ally with friends. Start a clan. Build a town together. Defend against other players.

Barren Roads requires an internet connection and works with: iPhone SE, 6S, 7, 8, X; iPad Mini 4 and above. Other devices and Jailbroken phones are not supported.
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