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A steam powered robot wakes up to a world on the edge of ruin. The infamous Kid Scientist has shattered the eco-stability of the planet in his quest for ever greater power sources. You are Stretch the steam-powered StretchBot who was left for dead in a toxic junkyard full of unfriendly baddies. As you fight your way to safety and freedom during a troubled and tumultuous time you find and befriend a group of enviro-hackers trying to stop Kid Scientist and save the planet. Are you too late? Can just one StretchBot really save the planet? There is only one way to find out…

- 24 engaging levels across 3 distinct worlds..
- 20+ unique and deadly robot enemies.
- 3 enormously challenging boss fights
- 6 different equippable character upgrades
- Classic story and gameplay
- Immersive and mesmerizing soundtrack
- 20+ achievements to collect
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