Space Colonizers Idle Clicker

Space Colonizers Idle Clicker
Новое за июнь 2017
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With the rapid development of the earth's civilization, the planet has become worse and worse.
We need another habitat, brave people, take risks for all mankind!

In the process of exploring the beautiful universe, you will go through a variety of strange planet,
You will encounter a variety of lovely aliens.

If you find a suitable planet to live, do not forget your great mission,
Remember to return to Earth, bring human hope, immigration of some human beings.

In order to explore the farther, you have to constantly install the parts, upgrade your spacecraft, build the building,
Do not even forget to use the "time tunnel" - black hole to quickly shuttle in the universe.

During the flight, you will find other players throwing drift bottles,
You'll find that in space, besides meteorites, there is currency in the universe.

Do not you want to be a superhero to save the world?
Come and save the world with global players!
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