shinkai ambient 深海アンビエント

shinkai ambient 深海アンビエント
Новое за август 2017
Категория: Игры, Здоровье и фитнес, Симуляторы Бесплатно Оценка пользователей
This is a game to ride a submersible and explore the deep sea.

There is no time limit.

There are no enemies.

There is no game over.

You do not need to use words.

However, it is a game that walks in the deep ocean, with the mood going.

Or fighting the enemy, or lose or win, it does not have any elements that, I think I enjoy also to small children.

Since it is an endless game, there is no need to clear any purpose.
You can either got stopped on the way, it may be nothing I ended up in neglect without operation.

Do not need the language, because it is a game that does not come out at all of the words, you can enjoy even if you're foreign.

Recommended for

· If you like sea or diving, but you can not go to the sea quite easily

· For people who are tired of living in the city

· Companies office breaks, those who want to change their pace in a short time

· To those who are bored with everyday life

· For those who are looking for games that children can be relieved

· For those who like exploration and walking

· To those who want to relieve stress

· For people who want to be healed

· In a time I want to sleep at night

· You do not need any words at all, so even for overseas people
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