Rally Legends The Game

Rally Legends The Game
Новое за июнь 2018
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Become a rally legend defeating your opponents in multiple races across the entire world!
Choose carefully the car you will use, and check the route characteristics, the weather forecast and the time before each stage in order to define the perfect setup of your vehicle: it’s your only chance to win!
For each car you can select: tires, height and stiffness of suspensions, gear ratio and night headlights!

Advance levels and unlock new rallies.
In this game you will find:
- 46 unique tracks for over 100 km of asphalt, gravel and snow routes.
- 18 unique cars, each with its own characteristics.
- Realistic car physics, with the opportunity to modify the vehicle setup.
- Esthetic and mechanical vehicle damages.
- Dynamic weather.
- Showcase with won trophies.
- Leaderboard to challenge opponents across the world.
- Save game.

Learn to drive your car to the edge without damaging it, you’ll see how tough it will be to end a rally without breaking your vehicle!
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